Paper Crown Bridesmaid Collection

paper crown bridesmaids

Last week I wrote about ASOS’ new line of bridesmaid dresses, so I thought this week I should highlight another non-bridal store brand, Paper Crown. Paper Crown may sound familiar to some of you — mainly you Lauren Conrad fans. I unabashedly love everything Lauren has done, especially her fashion choices, so it’s no surprise that I stumbled across this line of bridesmaid dresses. Lauren Conrad’s designs are a modern take on classic style, with an emphasis on fabric fit to create staples for the contemporary women’s closet.

The colors run from traditional feminine pink to darker, moody colors that would be great for a fall wedding (think burgundy and a dark lilac). Most of the dresses are long (which I personally prefer), and can easily be worn as a wedding guest dress as well. They aren’t too stiff like some of the traditional bridesmaid dresses you see at larger chains like David’s Bridal. I’m a big fan of the flowy, romantic dresses and this collection is just that.

You can see some of the older designs at Nordstrom, purchase the newer ones on Paper Crown’s website, or find a store via their store locator.




Floral Embellishments

I have a funny story for you regarding floral embellishments and appliques on clothes. A few years back, I tweeted a photo and link of a cute dress I bought for an upcoming wedding. I was excited about it and wanted to share with my fashion-forward followers (alliteration)! Seconds after tweeting the photo, a girl I went to college with tweeted a snide remark about how floral appliques on clothes are just ugly and she hashtagged #notfeelingit. It was not a coincidence that seconds after I tweeted my photo, she tweeted that — it was, in fact, her way of trying to get under my skin. Childish, indeed. But I got a good laugh out of it and now I’m writing about it here.

Clearly wearing floral embellished clothing isn’t new to me (and clearly there are people out there who are just #notfeelingit), but lately I’ve been seeing it pop up everywhere from clothing to accessories. I don’t consider myself super girly, but one thing I do love is a good floral print or accent. Guilty as charged. So if you enjoy the trend like I do, you can shop some of my favorite pieces below. If not, just don’t passive-aggressively tweet about it. Thanks.

floral embellishments

Dress the Population ‘Holly’ Floral Appliqué Chiffon Blouson Dress  |  ASOS Floral Embellished Clutch Bag  |  ASOS Lace Embellished Flower Top  |  ASOS LACIE Embellished Ballet Flats  |  ASOS Embellished Collar  |  ASOS Fairmont Floral Embellished Leather Sandals  |  Nasty Gal So Fresh Flower Shades  |  ASOS Floral Embellished Dress

ASOS Wedding Line

It’s no surprise that weddings are expensive, especially when you’re a bridesmaid or guest in multiple weddings in one season (woof). When I saw that wallet-friendly online store ASOS came out with a wedding line for both bridesmaids and wedding guests, I was thrilled. Although I personally will probably have my bridesmaid get their dresses from a chain wedding retailer, these ASOS bridesmaid dresses are a great option as well (and more affordable!) I’m also on the hunt for a wedding guest dress for my friend Rebecca’s September wedding, so I’m narrowing down my options from their offerings.

I’ve been getting asked a lot what my wedding colors are and what my wedding “theme” is. I don’t know, people. I will eventually decide on my colors once the date gets closer, but I’m not really into having a specific theme. It’s sort of cheesy to me. I do, however, think having a “style” for your wedding and having the attire reflect that. So with that being said, here are a few bridesmaid dresses (some of which you could wear as a wedding guest dress instead/as well) and the corresponding styles for each.

Which one is your favorite? Which word would you use to describe your wedding’s style (your past wedding, future wedding or dream wedding — no judging here!) 

asos bridesmaid dress styles

Super Full Maxi Dress in Floral Print  |  New Look Off the Shoulder Lace Bardot Dress  |  Embellished Waist Scattered Maxi Dress  |  Lace Wrap Pencil Dress  | Maxi With Fishtail  |  Premium Mesh Folded Plunge Neck Debutante Dress  |  Chi Chi London Cami Strap Premium Lace Maxi Tulle Prom Dress  |  Coast Christelle Maxi Dress  |  TFNC Maxi Dress With Embellished Shoulder And Waist  |  Kate Lace Maxi Dress  |  WOW Couture Cut Out Fishtail Maxi Dress  |  Wrap Drape Midi Dress

My First Spray Tan Experience

tips for your first spray tan

Two weekends ago I caved and finally lost my spray tanning virginity. Getting a spray tan is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, but I could never bring myself to do it. I’d always say, “Oh I’ll just be pale” or “I don’t have the money”. Or I’d revert to using the self-tanning lotions for a few nights to get a nice little color, but I found that they didn’t last all that long. So I did some research (aka I Googled a place that was near my apartment) and last-minute made an appointment to get spray tanned for a wedding I had.

My first choice was whether to do the airbrush tan in a machine or be sprayed by a professional. The machine was cheaper (around $28 plus tax), but since it’s a standing machine, there’s a lot of room for errors. Getting sprayed by a person is much more precise (and cost around $42 plus tax) and the person knows what they are doing. You also have to be comfortable standing naked (or almost naked) with a complete stranger while they spray you with a cold tanning spray. I’ll admit at first I was a little apprehensive, but I figured, “Hey, I’m sure shes’s seen worse bodies, right?” I wore underwear (which is advised) and these babies so I didn’t feel totally naked. Although the girl tanning me told me most people go bare up top, I brought the nipplomats anyway since I had them lying around (they’re great for wearing with sheer tops or crazy plunging dresses where a bra simply isn’t logical).

The process itself was easy and painless (and there’s no risk of skin cancer, which is the main selling point). I put on the shower cap and manuevered myself into the various positions so she could spray me evenly. I got 2 coats (1 coat is light, 2 is medium and 3 would be dark) and thought it looked good. The whole process took about 15 minutes, including the 5  minutes I was advised to let myself dry before putting on clothing (loose, dark clothing).

The only cons was that it’s a bit pricey, but if it’s something you do once a month or only for big events, it’s very reasonable. I had very minimal splotches (the one I did was my own fault, which you’ll read about below) and the color was not fake at all. I got tons of compliments on my tan and felt really self-confident wearing my bright green dress to the wedding. The tan lasted for about 5 days before it started to get a little splotchy and fade, but I honestly got 7 full days out of it before I had to exfoliate it all off to get back to my pale(r) self.

Tips for Your First Spray Tan

Shave 24-36 hours before your appointment. I was a bit of a procrastinator and ended up shaving 12 hours before my appointment. The only reason this matters is that 1. every time you shave, you’re exfoliating the top layer or two of skin, and therefore removing some of the tan, and 2. if you shave too soon before getting sprayed, the color will end up in your pores, giving your legs (and armpits and chest area) the appearance of little dark brown/black dots. This happened to me. While it wasn’t noticeable from a few feet away, if you were sitting right next to me starting at my chicken legs, you would notice the dots. Lesson learned.

Apply lotion to the following spots right before tanning. Some parts of your body absorb color easier and can lead to patchiness or product buildup. This includes your cuticles/tips of your fingers, palms, ankles, knees (front and back) and elbows (front and back). I forgot to put some on the inner joint of my elbows and they were a tad dark. If you do get dark spots, exfoliate right away gently with a loofah and a bit of lemon juice and the spots go right away.

Color will rub off — no matter what they say. I feel like maybe I’m a weirdo who sweats a lot, but every time I’ve used a fake tanning product or gotten a fake tan, I bleed color onto my sheets and clothing. It’s never too too bad, but it’s enough to leave marks on my sheets and have James complain. They say not to do anything physical, cry, sweat profusely, etc. since the color can run, but it’s summer, man. I’m going to sweat while sleeping a littttttle. So in the future I’d lay out a dark blanket or sleep on old, shitty sheets to not have to worry about this.

I didn’t really take before and after photos, but you can look at yesterday’s post to see what the tan looked like (photos in the green dress are from my spray tan). This photo from the tanning salon’s website (NSFW, it’s a chick’s thigh/butt) is a pretty good representation of what mine looked like as well.

Recent Wedding-Related Event Outfits

As a life and style blogger, I’ve been stinking at featuring outfit photos lately. Quite frankly, I’m just too busy to take pictures of myself in outfits every day when I have a full-time job, side jobs, and, you know, a life. Still, I’ve been to a few wedding-related events lately and wore some cute dresses, so I thought I’d share the details.

sisters at bridal shower

what to wear to a bridal shower

Flutter Sleeve Dress | Necklace from local boutique (similar necklace)  |  Betsey Johnson Rhinestone Floral Stud Earrings  |  Guess Yarkena Wedges (not in photo) |  Fossil Sydney Leather Crossbody Bag (not in photo)

First up was my future sister-in-law Danielle’s bridal shower. I looked high and low for a cute, feminine dress in a pastel shade, but didn’t find much. So instead I wore a bright red-orange dress with simple detailing on the shoulders. When I told a friend at the shower that it was from Target, she was shocked. “But that dress is too cute to be from Target!”, she said. It’s also really comfy and fits nicely at the hips and waist, allowing you to have some “room” in there for when your stomach expands after eating like a monster at a bridal shower. If you’re interested in Danielle’s dress — which is perfect for any bridal-related event — you can purchase it here.


joannes wedding

express green halter dress

green wedding guest dress

Express Fit & Flare Dress (they’re restocking it, so try similar dresses here and here)  |  BP. Luminate Open Toe Dress Sandals  |  Nadri Pear Drop Earrings  |  MIXIT Floral Bracelet (old, similar ones here)

This past weekend I attended my first wedding of the year/summer for James’ cousin Joanne. I wore this dress from Express in the bright green shade. I looked in my closet and noticed I didn’t have a lot of green items, so that was my reasoning behind the color. It fit perfectly and wasn’t too crazy to wear to a wedding (I was shocked at the number of women who wore super revealing or trashy dresses to this wedding. Have some class, ladies). I paired it with simple accessories- the comfiest nude strappy heels and pretty teardrop earrings with neon yellow accents.

easy wedding braided updo

I also got a bunch of compliments on my updo, which was done in my hotel room last-minute. (“Your hair looks so good- who did it?” Me: “Uhh I did. Last minute in my hotel room”.) I couldn’t decide how to wear my hair, so I ended up just trying a few things and going with it. To copy the style, curl your hair all over and part it as you usually would. Take a 4-inch section at the crown and tease it. Create a small “bump” with this hair and pin it with 2 bobby pins criss-cross. Take the rest of your hair (leaving out a face-framing piece or side bangs if you have them) and create a low braid on one side of your head. Fluff out the braid so it appears fuller. Take the braid and twist it into a bun and pin the shit out of it (I only had about 8 bobby pins with me, so you can make it work). Lastly, take the remaining front section/layer/side bangs and sweep them across your forehead for a dramatic effect. Pin the ends if necessary. Voila!

navy dress

Love21 Crochet-Sleeved Dress  (similar one here and here) |  Fioni Kring Peep Pumps (not in photo)  |  Vieste Rhinestone Bracelet

The last wedding-related event we went to this summer was an engagement party in Staten Island, NY. I wore a dress from Forever 21 (such a steal!) that looked a lot more expensive than what I paid for. Don’t you love when that happens?