Glitter Makeup

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Believe it or not, glitter makeup is making a comeback. With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to add some sparkle to your (safely) tanned skin. The glitter products of today are a far cry from the Wet n Wild loose glitter or Bonnebell lip gloss of our childhood. To avoid looking like Ke$ha or a high school cheerleader, here are my tips for pulling off the glitter trend.


How to Wear Glitter Makeup:

 РChoose one facial feature to highlight. Wearing glitter eyeshadow, lipstick and blush all at once is only going to make you look like a human disco ball. For a subtle look, try a thin line of glitter eyeliner or a lipgloss with flakes of glitter in it.

– Clean up your mess. Products with loose glitter, such as some eyeshadows, can end up all over your face after applying. To get rid of the excess glitter, use a piece of clear tape to remove the glitter from the unwanted parts of your face. Easy!

– If you’re not sure if you can pull off the glitter, save it for night. To avoid any awkward stares at the office, try out your glitter mascara during Friday night drinks with friends instead.

– If you’re going with a brightly colored glitter, keep the rest of your face simple. A nude lip and subtle bronzer will do the trick. If you’re using a gold or silver toned glitter, you can add a little more color.

-Make sure you wash your face when you get home to avoid finding glitter everywhere. As Demetri Martin once said, “Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies.”


Here are my picks for my favorite glitter products below. What are yours?

glitter makeup

1. Stila Sparkle Luxe Gloss in “Bling”, $22
2. Deborah Lippmann Glitter Nail Polish in “Candy Shop”, $18
3. Too Faced Glamour Dust Pigment, $17
4. Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in “Air Guitar”, $18
5. NARS Single Eyeshadow in “Silent Night”, $24


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  • Carolyn Baier

    Great post, I’ve been meaning to try glitter eyeliner or mascara. Something with gold would be perfect for holidays or nights out after the beach :)

    • Rachel

      I want to try mascara, too, but it’s hard to find one that I actually like. Let me know if you end up trying one out!

  • Stacie

    Great tips – I am a hardcore glitter fan.