about rachel

Hi guys! I’m Rachel, a 20-something currently living and working in New Jersey (the non-smelly part). I work as an SEO Analyst for a higher education company for my 9-to-5 and I love it. In my spare time, I’m a freelance writer (check out my writing portfolio) in addition to writing for this blog. My hobbies include spending time with my boyfriend and friends, playing with my kitten Bella, watching trashy TV, shopping, and much more.

Fun Facts:

  • In high school, I was Prom Queen and voted “Most Likely to Become President”. So watch out.
  • I’m originally from Upstate NY where the idea of a traffic jam is when cows have to cross the road.
  • My life goal is to one day write a book and have it published. Wish me luck.

About the blog:
Life Unsweetened is described as a lifestyle blog- without the sugar coating. Everything you see on here is straight-up and honest- whether it’s something like a product review, a personal story or my take on life.

This blog started as a New Year’s resolution in January 2012 as an outlet for me to write about the things I love (and love to hate). Topics include fashion, beauty, life and much more.

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The easiest way to contact me is via e-mail: rachel [at] lifeunsweetened.com

If you have a question about myself or this blog, you can also check the FAQ page.