First Post

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog, Life Unsweetened!

So I guess this is my obligatory first post where I write all about how awesome I am and how I’m going to conquer the internet with my blog. Well, I don’t think either of those things are going to happen anytime soon, so I’ll just cut to the chase.

I’m Rachel. I’m 23 and live in a small town in Upstate, NY. I created this blog as something to do outside of my 9-to-5 and as a way to express my love, interest, and knowledge in all things beauty, fashion, and music, as well as my personal experiences and opinions. As a college grad with a degree in Communications and a currently employed Copywriter, this blog will also be a great way to practice my writing and expand my portfolio.

The name “Life Unsweetened” is something I came up with on a whim. I tried to think of a name related to the types of topics I would be writing about, but soon realized that I couldn’t narrow this blog down to just one specific niche. So, I thought of a name that would represent my overall personality and outlook on life- sarcastic and honest with no sugar-coating. Hence, Life Unsweetened. Plus, I have a weird love for lemons, and they sure aren’t “sweet” by any means.

Thank you to each and every one of you who are reading this first post and to those of you who will continue to read and/or comment my posts. You can subscribe to get posts in your e-mail, RSS feed, or follow me on the website Bloglovin’ all by scrolling down to the “Subscribe” icon on the right hand side of my homepage. I’ll also be posting updates on my Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

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