Colorful Handbags for Spring (& How to Wear One)

Technically spring doesn’t get here for a few more weeks, but with all of the non-traditional winter weather we’ve been having here in New York, it certainly feels like it’s already here! One of every woman’s favorite things about spring is the bold and brightly colored items in stores, on the runway, and on the pages of our favorite magazines. If you’re weary of wearing a dress or top that’s too bright, opt for one of these colorful handbags for spring instead.

The Best Colorful Handbags for Spring

These colorful handbags are perfect for the transition into spring and are a fashionable alternative to the neutrals that dominated fall and winter. These six handbags, ranged from pricey to affordable, will add a pop of color to your everyday wardrobe.


1. H&M Bag  |  2. Kate Spade New Bond Street Florence Bag  |  3. Cambridge Satchel  |  4. Tory Burch Robinson Mini Satchel  |  5. Yellow Crossbody  |  6. Nordstrom Furla ‘Candy’ Rubber Satchel

Hot Colors for Handbags This Spring

Every woman has their own “power color” — a color that looks good with their skin tone/hair color, makes them feel confident, and garners compliments from strangers. Instead of just buying a blouse or dress in that power color, why not try a handbag? Here are a few hot power colors for spring that look perfect in the form of a handbag.


Tangerine is a super wearable version of your standard orange. It looks especially great on olive or darker skin tones (seriously – try wearing it on your lips, too). Pair a tangerine handbag with whites and tans/browns for a fashionable look.


For some people, blue is a neutral. I view blue as a neutral in the form of denim, for example. Real fashion risktakers view aqua as a neutral. An easy way to make a statement when wearing your favorite pair of jeans is to pair them with an aqua colored handbag this spring.


What better color to signify spring than green? The color of grass and gorgeous greenery (whoa, alliteration!) pairs especially well with blues and grays, making it the perfect color to add a pop of color to a neutral outfit.


You’ll never misplace your purse if it’s chartreuse, am I right? All jokes aside, chartreuse is the perfect color for warmer weather and is much more wearable that you’d think. Chartreuse looks bold paired against a monochromatic outfit (all-black, for example).


how to wear a colored handbag

Image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

How to Wear a Colored Handbag

Keep Size in Mind

If you’re carrying an oversized tote around as your daily bag, you may want to opt for something a little more neutral. Bold colored handbags are easier to pull off when they are small (like a crossbody) or medium-sized (like a satchel).

Look at the Color Wheel

While the color wheel isn’t foolproof (and even so, sometimes rules are meant to be broken), it is a good guide for what colors and shades are complimentary to one another. For example, an orange bag pairs well with denim since blue is opposite of orange on the color wheel.

Keep the Rest Simple

If you’re heading out for a night out with your neon yellow handbag, it might be good to forgo the leopard blouse or bright red lipstick. When rocking a statement color accessory, keep the rest of your outfit, accessories, and makeup fairly simple.


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