The Best High-Low Skirts (& How to Wear One)

The perfect “in between” fashion item, these skirts are commonly referred to as high-low skirts or mullet skirts (party in the front and business in the back, am I right?). These skirts are great for those days when you can’t decide between a maxi skirt or a mini skirt. Make sure you pair these with a great pair of shoes, since the hemline is designed to feature your legs and feet.

high low skirt

Floral High Low Skirt / Blue High Low Skirt / Black High Low Maxi Skirt

Where to Buy the Best High-Low Skirts

Since high low skirts are a trend right now, you can find them pretty much anywhere. With trendy pieces, I tend to buy them somewhere more affordable (since I’m not sure if I’ll get a ton of wear out of it once the trend is over). So my go-to stores are Forever 21, Amazon, Nordstrom, Lulus, and Macy’s. To make sure the skirt fits you at the right places (especially if you’re short or tall), look at the model information in the description. Sometimes high-low skirts end up being too short or hitting at the ankle, making it an awkward length.

how to wear a high low skirt

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How to Wear a High Low Skirt

Need some inspiration? Here are a few ways to wear a high-low skirt.

Mix Patterns

If you are a fashion risk-taker, you’re no stranger to pattern mixing. But pattern mixing with the interesting hemline of a high-low skirt? That’s reserved for a select few. If you think you can pull this off, choose your favorite patterned high low skirt and match it with a top in a contrasting pattern (think stripes & florals or polka dots and plaid). The key to not overdoing it is to stick to similar colors/a color scheme.

Add a Belt

A belt is the perfect accessory for a high low skirt with a higher waistline. Pair your skirt with a fitted top (a tank top, for example) and add on a belt. Choose a belt with a pop of color if the rest of your outfit is neutral or choose a neutral belt if your outfit is already colorful.

Pair it with Masculine Accessories

High low skirts (and even skirts in general) make an outfit very feminine. To toughen up the outfit a bit, accessories with Doc Martens, studded jewelry, or a motorcycle jacket.

Go Sleek on Top

Because high low skirts can make your bottom half look voluminous (especially if they have details like ruffles), opt for a sleek, form-fitting top like a white tank or tee. This also makes the outfit a little more casual, and works well for fancier skirt options.


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