Cinco De Mayo Weekend


I’m not going to overwhelm you with a hundred pictures of me drinking margaritas or having a fake mustache (if you went on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram this past weekend, you probably saw enough of that from your own friends). Instead, I’ll just recap my weekend for the fun of it while I work on some new blog posts for the rest of this week (including my picks for last-minute Mother’s Day gifts!)

I decided to spend my Cinco De Mayo weekend by heading downstate to see my boyfriend. We met up with some friends from college and had a great time! I had my second experience at the Cheesecake Factory (note: the guacamole was phenomenal, the chicken picatta was not), made delicious margaritas and played a few rounds of one of my favorite games- Scattegories. Then we went out to a bar for a few drinks and had a typical lazy Sunday that ended with a nice home-cooked Italian meal (courtesy of my boyfriend’s mother, who is a great cook)!

This weekend also was special to me because my first article for LA Family magazine was published! I was approached by the editor of the magazine (via my blog) to write for their “Life After College” column. I gladly accepted, and while it’s been a little stressful trying to find time to do this freelance work, regular work, and blog work, all the support I have received has been great. I may not have as many comments or “likes” as some of the other columnists, but if just one person reads my article and feels that they can relate, then my work is done.

You can check out my first article here, which was basically an introduction to my column. Another one of my articles will be published on Friday, with the topic being “social life after college”. You can follow me on Twitter or Facebook to see my updates on when the article will go live, or just visit this site on Friday and look for my face or column name (Quarter-Life Crisis). I’ll also most likely post a link to the article on my blog (I wasn’t able to last Saturday because I was out of town for the weekend).


  1. Wow, congrats on your article in LA Family – That is so impressive! I love reading about the college experience because things are so different in Australia. When we finish high school we go straight onto Uni and a specialized degree, most Uni students stay living at home while at Uni from necessity, otherwise they rent little flats near campus. I’ve rarely known for anyone to stay on campus or in a dorm – it’s mainly foreign students and places are very limited. Although we are very lucky and the Aus Gorvenment have a scheme called “HECS” which runs like an interest free “student loan” for all course fees which you don’t have to pay back until you are earning over a certain amount per year and even then the repayments are a small percentage deducted straight from your wages like tax. 
    I completely relate to the part in your article where you talk about searching for happiness – I’m 22 and at that stage now – I’ve finished studying, work full time (all the time) and am trying to find a balance between work and life…. Blogging is a great outlet! 
    You are such a talented and relate-able writer, very happy to have come across your blog!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! Isn’t it so interesting how different things are in differnet countries? Blogging is a great outlet, I definitely agree- I’ve met so many nice people so far and I actually got the LA Family magazine gig because of my blog! Loved your Kyle Richard’s article (I’m semi-obsessed with her)!

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