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I’m an eyebrow girl. I know that sounds weird, but I promise you it’s not. I appreciate a good set of eyebrows and think that they change the entire look of your face. Brows that are too thin can age you and make you look like a Barbie doll (in a bad way), while brows that are too thick or unruly resemble a caterpillar.

One piece of advice my mother gave me growing up was to never over-pluck your eyebrows. This couldn’t be more true, and as I started to see girls my age over-doing it, I was glad I still had my original ones in-tact. Although I look back at photos of myself from junior high and even high school and cringe at my brows (and lack of makeup), I like to think that now I know what looks best and what doesn’t.

However, there is one thing I wish I could change about my brows- the shape. Some women have beautiful, natural arches, and some have thick and perfectly-straight ones. The truth of the matter is that my natural hair line only can do so much for me. If I were to let my brows fully grow out (this would take a few months) and then tried to re-shape them, I still wouldn’t be able to achieve a high arch because my brow hair doesn’t grow up that high on my face.

So all I can do is work with what I’ve got and have brow envy towards the women below.

brow envy

Brows I Envy

  • Demi Lovato – That arch is just perfect!
  • Katie Perry – Her brows are thick without being too thick, and frame her face really well.
  • HannaBeth – Although hers are more straight than arched, they give her a youthful appearance.
  • Megan Fox – I think this one goes without explaining — she has the perfect, natural brow arch with a full head/front.
  • Lauren Conrad – She’s come a long way since the brows she had on Laguna Beach.


  1. I love this post! Besides being a stylist eyebrows are kind of my passion and I do them on the side for clients, friends and family. You’re right about them making a HUGE difference in the way someone’s entire face looks ^_^ xo

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