Summer Bucket List

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Although we’ve all been referring to the past month or so as “summer”, the truth is that it doesn’t officially start until June 20- aka TODAY! With that in mind, I’ve come up with a bucket list of things I want to try to accomplish within the next few months.

My Summer Bucket List

  • Go to my first ever professional baseball game (it will be a Mets game, of course).
  • Continue to grow out my already-long hair and resist the temptation to cut it so it looks “healthy”.
  • Find some decent thrift stores in my area for clothing. Or take some road trips to find some.
  • Get rid of the funky tan line I have from wearing a strapless bandeau bathing suit top when all my other tops are bikini-style.
  • Gain back the 8 pounds I’ve accidentally lost over the past few months.
  • Give my blog a makeover. This includes a new header image, new sidebar and possibly a new theme/layout.
  • Read more books.

What’s on your summer bucket list?


  1. I definitely want to read more books this summer! We shall see! I think your blog is super cute. What are you wanting to change it to?

    1. Thank you Amy! I just want to make a new header graphic, change the font, etc. just a little “makeover”. The content will still be the same.

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