What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

what to wear to a summer wedding

Wedding season is officially upon us! Typically falling between the months of May through October, wedding season is arguably a girl’s favorite time of the year. Although watching your friends and family celebrate their special day is amazing on it’s own, getting to shop for a new dress, shoes and accessories is also really fun.

In honor of wedding season and the two weddings I’ve already attended this year (read about those here and here), I thought I’d share some of my favorite dresses and accessories to wear to a summer wedding. And check out my favorite wedding hairstyles , too!

Since there are so many different types of weddings- as well as events leading up to the wedding like bridal showers and bachelorette parties, I’m running a blog series over the next few weeks dedicated to everything weddings!

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Black Tie/Formal Dress Code

If your wedding invitation says black tie, prepare for something fancy! According to Brides.com, for a black tie wedding, guests commonly choose floor-length gowns. A formal wedding dress code is also fancy, but a little less restrictive (you can wear a floor-length gown or a dressy cocktail dress).

Cocktail Dress Code

This is the most common wedding dress code that I’ve seen/been invited to. If the invite doesn’t specify a dress code, assume it’s cocktail. According to Brides.com, for a cocktail wedding dress code, women wear a cocktail dress (can be short or long).

Beach Wedding

With a beach wedding, you can get away with something less formal and structured. According to Brides.com, for a beach wedding, the  attire is the same as any other wedding where you dress according to the formality of the event, but unlike a normal celebration, there are some small changes to accessories and fabrics that will make you much more comfortable. Think lighter fabrics and colors.

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