Summer Wedding Hairstyles

As part of my summer wedding series, I’ve picked out a few of my favorite hairstyles to wear for an upcoming wedding. These hairstyles would look great on the bride, a bridesmaid, or even wedding guests. P.S. It’s a little weird that all the hairstyles I liked were on a blonde girl — it wasn’t on purpose, I swear!

 summer wedding hair

Interested in getting the summer wedding hairstyles above on your own? Here’s a basic break-down for you with the help of some Sephora and Ulta products.

How to Get Large Barrel Curls

To get this half-up, half-down style with large barrel curls, it’s all about the products. To start, apply a volumizer to damp hair and then blow-dry upside down to add all the volume you can. Curl your hair with a wide-barrel iron all over. Anything under an inch will create curls that are too thin, so opt for a 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 inch iron. Lastly, take a few face-framing pieces and pin them in the middle of the back of your head. You may need to use quite a few bobby pins if you have thick or layered hair, so be sure to choose ones that match the color of your hair so they are invisible!

How to Get A Modern French Twist

To get this more modern take on a classic French twist, you’ll need a little patience. First, gather your hair on one side of your hair and start twisting it to the opposite side, pinning with U-shaped pins as you go along. If you have long hair, you’ll have some ends leftover that you’ll need to tuck under and pin. Don’t worry if it’s messy, a large flower (real or fake- up to you!) will hide any problem areas.

How to Get a Voluminous Half-Up Style

To get this popular style shown on Carrie Underwood, start off by applying a smoothing serum to hair before or after showering/drying (depending on your hair type — if you have naturally straight hair, you should apply after, and if your hair is wavy/curly, apply before blow-drying with a round brush). Create a “bump” of hair near your crown, push it up for volume with your fingers, and secure with pins. Then curl the bottom half of your hair for a smooth-on-top, full-on-bottom look. If you have bangs or layers, pull out a few pieces in the front.

How to Get a Full Curled Ponytail

To get this dressy ponytail, hot rollers will give you these dream-like curls. Create a deep center part, curl hair in sections using the rollers, and then throw it over one of your shoulders. Secure with a clear elastic and then cover the elastic with a tendril of your hair. Pull out 2 face-framing pieces for a romantic look.


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