Case of the Sundays

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If you ask anyone what their favorite day of the week is, you usually get an answer of Friday or Saturday. If you do the same about their least favorite day, you’d probably get a lot of Monday responses. Oddly enough, I find Mondays to go by semi-quickly, so in return I have a hateful relationship with Sunday.

Back in high school, Sundays consisted of working at my waitressing job, eating my family’s ritual of a Sunday steak dinner, and watching some of my favorite TV shows (did anyone else love “American Dreams” as much as I did?) I actually enjoyed going to high school every day and had no problem waking up at 6 a.m. each morning to make it to the bus in time- so Sundays were just another day for me.

In college, Sundays turned into a day to sleep in, nurse a hangover, and do all the homework that I put off from the previous week of classes. While at times, these Sundays could be stressful due to the large amount of homework and projects I had to do, I still didn’t dread waking up on Sunday morning.

For some reason, as soon as my life after college began, I’ve started to loathe Sundays. This is the type of loathing where on Saturday night I’m already anticipating being grumpy the following day. Sundays are hard for me for a variety of reasons.

The first reason is that it signals the end of the weekend. Sounds obvious enough, but this hits especially hard if I made a road trip to visit my boyfriend that weekend and have to spend part of my Sunday packing up and driving back home. When you have specific plans for a weekend, all of the work or activities you needed to do before Monday are pushed to Sunday night, which can turn a normal girl into Stressful Sally. I thought Sunday was supposed to be the day of rest!

Another reason is that Sunday means work starts up again the following day. Even if you enjoy your job, co-workers and what you do, I’m pretty sure everyone would rather be lying on the beach or hanging out with their friends than working- it’s a normal feeling. I blame this on the fact that weekends only last for 2 days, while the workweek lasts for 5. Someone should fix this.

The final reason is that Sundays seem to fly by- especially the nights. One minute I’m eating dinner and the next it’s 10:30 p.m. and I’m typing an article to meet a deadline. I find it hard to get to sleep at an early time on Sundays since my internal clock is off from sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday morning.

I’m still looking for a cure to my “case of the Sundays”, but I’m open to suggestions.

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