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When it comes to Instagram, I’m no Ansel Adams (yes, he’s the most famous photographer I could think of at the moment). I’m guilty of posting food photos every once in a while, and I probably take too many photos of my cat- he just looks so cute in every filter- but for the most part I think I’m a non-annoying Instragrammer. However, there are a few people who I follow (or elect NOT to follow based on the reasons below) that need to stop their annoying Instagram habits. Here are my current Instagram pet peeves.

Posting Photos of Everything You Eat

Food photos bother me to an extent. Yes, I just posted a photo of an amazing homemade ice cream sandwich from my favorite local ice cream shop a few weeks ago. But that was because a. I don’t post food pictures everyday, so it’s ok and b. it’s a huge ice cream sandwich and most people can’t imagine little me finishing the whole thing- which I did, by the way. Posting a photo of a macaron every time you buy one (you’re not cool for eating them- every blogger, NYC resident or person who has been to a foreign country has had one) is annoying. So is posting a photo of the PB & J sandwich you just made. On a paper plate. With the crumbs all over the table and your dirty napkin still in the photo. It’s just not worthy. Exceptions to the food rule: if you’re eating something of a huge portion size, if you’re out to eat at a fancy or interesting restaurant, if the food item resembles Jesus or a celebrity, or if it’s your first time eating a certain food. I can live with those things.

Stealing Things from the Internet and “Instagramming” Them

Just because you take a photo of that famous Marilyn Monroe quote from Pinterest or the photo of that cute couple kissing from weheartit and add a filter to it doesn’t give you the right to post it on Instagram. It’s not YOUR photo. Put it on your Pinterest or Tumbr, but not on your Instagram.

Posting “Sexy” Photos of Yourself and Acting Surprised When People Leave Comments

A shot of yourself at the beach in a bathing suit shows you’re confident and having a good time. However, posting a strategically posed photo of your cleavage spilling out from your tank top (with 90% of your face cropped out of the photo- so artistic) should be saved for texting your boyfriend, not for the general public. Acting surprised that you have 30 likes from random dudes? We’re not falling for it.

Making Your Instagram Private (and Making It Known That It’s Private)

What is so “private” about your photos and life that you really don’t want people to see it? Unless you have a high-profile job or a stalker ex-bf or something, I don’t see the point of even having an Instagram account and following people. Having a private account screams “I’m so cool and important that I make people request ME and then I’ll decide to accept or not”.

Posting 10 Photos a Day — No Matter What They Are Of

The worst is when they are photos of your baby. Yes, babies are cute and I love them as much as anyone else, but I don’t need to see 10 blurry, unfiltered photos of your baby every single day. He or she doesn’t change that much from Monday to Tuesday, so space it out a little bit! The same goes for people who post 5 photos of the same night of essentially the same shot. Your hand being on your right hip instead of your left does not merit an entirely new Instagram shot.

People Who Are Constantly Writing “No Filter” or #nofilter in Their Photo Descriptions

We get it- you look hot and tan and didn’t have to use a filter. Whoo-pie. I get that the sunset is very beautiful, but reminding me that you didn’t need to alter the photo using a filter doesn’t make you a master photographer. If you don’t need a filter, then don’t use Instagram-use the regular camera on your iPhone. How would you like it if I started tagging all of my Instagram photos with the particular filter I used? #Valencia #Hefe #Earlybird  See how annoying it is?

Using a Million Hashtags

I get that you’re trying to become internet famous and have thousands of Instagram followers, but how about you try posting quality pictures instead of tagging each photo with 50 hash tags hoping that someone will find your photo through that. First of all, people rarely use the option to search for a photo by the hash tag. Secondly, tagging a photo with something so generic (such as #love) is only going to make your photo lost in the shuffle. Tagging a photo with something bizarre (such as #ijustwanttogohome) is so weird that no one on Earth would ever be searching for it. It hurts my eyes. Please stop.


  1. I have a cousin-in law who instagrams things like tweets and text messages. About half of them are inside jokes. It drives me crazy!

  2. Hahaha. This cracked me up. I’m guilty of instagramming food, but it’s always the really bad-for-me food like ice cream for some reason? Maybe since it’s kind of a rare occasion, I get really excited and feel the need to share. I’m sure no one cares that I ate gelato last weekend! Oops. 😉
    You’re completely right on with these, though. People overkill the hashtags, and I’m pretty sure unless you’re famous or traveling, you don’t have more than a handful of interesting things to instagram in a day.

  3. Hahaha love these! Definitely lots of my pet peeves on the list. Biggest one is all the people with like 1million followers that just post photos from weheartit.. like seriously.. You DID NOT take that photo! lol

    1. No, you are. That’s why you read the article. It was designed for people like you. I’m ignorant and wanted the scoop on what kinds of retards I need to look out for on Instagram.

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