Cobalt Blue Clothing

I’ve discovered a new color obsession: cobalt blue. After buying a dress for an upcoming wedding in this pretty shade, I’ve realized how great it looks on any skin tone and hair color (I’m naturally fair-skinned with light brown hair if that helps). It’s the perfect shade — not as bright as the neon blues that are popular this summer, and not as dark as navy (which sometimes can be confused with black if it’s too dark). And if wearing the shade on your clothes isn’t your thing, you can wear it in the form of accessories (bags, jewelry, or shoes), or even on your face (blue eyeshadow or eyeliner makes a statement).

After purchasing this cobalt blue dress for the wedding I mentioned above, I’m keeping an eye out for some new items in this color palette to add to my wardrobe. Below  are some of my favorite picks for cobalt blue clothing.

cobalt blue

Dress  |  Kate Spade iPad sleeve Kate Spade stud earrings  |  Blouse  |  L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow  |  Jessica Simpson Pump  |  Bangles  |  Cambridge Leather Satchel  |  butter LONDON nail polish  |  Ray Ban sunglasses Belt  |  Victoria Beckham skinny jeans


How to Wear Cobalt Blue Clothing

how to wear cobalt blue

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Here are a few tips and ideas for wearing the pretty blue shade this season.

  • Pair with a neutral. You can’t go wrong by pairing the gorgeous blue with a neutral — particularly white. White helps bring out the brightness of the blue. Try a cobalt blazer over a white tee, or a white blouse paired with cobalt pants. Other neutrals that work well are a camel brown and classic black.
  • Opt for a cobalt accessory. Instead of going head-to-toe cobalt, try adding one statement accessory to your outfit. My picks would be a cobalt purse or chunky statement necklace.
  • Try it with red. While orange is opposite of blue on the color wheel, I’ve found that this shade pairs a bit nicer with a red or reddish-orange rather than a true orange.


  1. I ADORE this colour, Its like a weird fashion fixed dream of mine to buy a dress or a blouse that colour…it looks stunning on everyone!

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