Would You Wear Grandma Earrings?

This past weekend, I bought a pair of earrings at Forever 21. When things are affordable, I rationalize in my head that it’s okay for me to buy them. This becomes a problem at Walmart, Target, and the Dollar Store. There wasn’t anything special about these earrings — they were made of crappy metal that would probably make my earlobes turn green or fall apart upon my first day wearing them. But there was something so weird — and dare I say ugly — about them, that it made them pretty to me.

This is the phenomenon I refer to as “Grandma earrings”. Yes, those earrings our beloved Grandmas would wear back in the day and may even still continue to wear now. These can range from small to large or dangling to studs, but usually they share a few similar characteristics. They are typically made of cheap gold, are a bright color, and feature some sort of ornate and gaudy decoration- the one word I would use is “tacky”. But there’s something so awesome about them that you just want to wear them.

I’m not sure if anyone else refers to this type of jewelry as Grandma earrings or maybe it’s just me (hey — if you see it in next month’s Vogue, I’d like some credit), but I found so many cute options that I find it hard to believe people there aren’t others out there who share my love.

 grandma earrings

Top row:  Bouquet Earrings / Yellow Earrings / Rose Earrings / Knot Earrings 

Bottom Row:  Pearl & Metal Studs / Green and Gold Posts / Gigi Studs


  1. Haha I love that you call them grandma earrings. You’re so right, they are grandma-ish. But I really like the two on the right!! Grandmas are in!

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