A Rainbow of Gingham

This Friday I’m participating in the Friday’s Fancies link-up over at Long Distance Loving. The theme this week was gingham, so I decided to choose a piece in each color of the rainbow to highlight instead of the typical black and white version. Gingham is the perfect pattern for summer, and I’m trying to squeeze every last bit out of the nice weather while I can.



 Red gingham dress  |  Orange gingham shirt   |  Yellow gingham wedges   |   Lime gingham heels  |  Blue gingham bustier   |   Lilac gingham shirt


how to wear gingham

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How to Wear Gingham

As seen above, you can wear the summery gingham print in just about any color. Typically, I see it in black or navy (which are totally fine, but a bit… boring), but for summer you can go a bit more colorful. Here are some ideas for how to wear gingham — bonus points if it’s a fun color like those above.

  • Pair it with other summery accents. What looks better with a gingham dress in summer than a straw basket purse or straw hat? Or what about a killer pair of sunglasses? You get the idea. Pair the classic of gingham with other signature summer classic fashion trends and items.
  • Add a touch of edge. Whether it’s a leather jacket, studded boots, or a bag with masculine accents, these will make your gingham outfit a little less girly.
  • Dress up a simple white tee. Instead of opting for your typical jean shorts to accompany your white tee or tank this summer, try adding a gingham skirt or pair of shorts. Bonus – the white will match just about any color gingham you’re choosing.
  • Shop in the accessory section. It’s easy to find gingham dresses, pants, and tops. But what about accessories? These days, you can find gingham hats, bags, and shoes at most retailers.


  1. Loving the Jeffrey Cambpells and the modcloth shoes…both adorable and perfect for summer. I don’t have any gingham in my wardrobe as of yet, but I’m tempted now!


  2. Eeee I used that same gingham bralet in my Friday Fancies! I love it! And those wedges are sooooooo adorable! They make me want to dress up and go on a picnic hahaha! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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