My First Mets Baseball Game

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One of the most exciting parts in a relationship of any kind ā€” whether it’s with a friend, family member or boyfriend ā€” is experiencing something for the first time with that person. For example, my boyfriend got to experience his first time seeing a cow in real life (he even pet it, too!), his first taste of astronaut ice cream (gross) and his first bite of venison (that’s deer meat in case you were wondering).

A couple of weekends ago, it was my turn to experience one of my “firsts” with him- my first Mets baseball game and first MLB game. I know what you’re thinking, “Rachel, you’re American and you like baseball, so why haven’t you ever been to a professional game before?” Well, the truth is that I don’t live that close to any of the stadiums and I’ve just never gotten around to going. Since my boyfriend lives within driving distance of his favorite team’s stadium, his family and I made a trip to watch the NY Mets vs. the Atlanta Braves.

Although the Mets were getting killed 9-0 in only the 2nd inning, it still was a fun experience for me. Citi Field is a beautiful stadium with every type of food you could possibly imagine. It was great for people watching (when I wasn’t watching the game) and was a nice way to spend my Saturday night. Hopefully I’ll get to catch some more Met games and maybe I’ll even cross off another “first” off of my list with a NFL game this year (goooo Jets!)

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  1. Firsts are definitely one of the best parts of a relationship. My boyfriend and I recently went canoeing together which was a first for me and it was a blast. It’s fun to try something new with someone you love and care about! Looks like you had a blast. šŸ™‚

  2. I love going to pro baseball games. Baseball has been a strong influence in my life. Glad that you had a fun time.

  3. That sounds awesome. “Firsts” are so much fun to experience with your boyfriend. This weekend my boyfriend and I are going to try Indian food for the first time.

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