Road Trip Outfit Ideas

While road trips are fun and exciting, the long time spend it a car can be a bummer. That’s why when I know I’ll be riding shotgun for a few hours I try to dress as comfortably as I can. Of course, sometimes you want look cute while doing so — especially if you’re planning on pulling over for a lunch pit stop or a quick thrift store visit.

Here are a few road trip outfit ideas for your next adventure.

A Winning Combo for a Cute Road Trip Outfit


road trip outfit

Madewell dress  |  Nordstrom fedora  |  Cambridge satchel  |  Marc Jacobs sunglasses  |  Target sandals

The winning combo for a summer road trip is a loose dress (nothing too tight in the waist), comfy sandals (in case you need to walk around to and from the car), sunglasses (for the sunny car ride), a crossbody satchel (to carry just the essentials), and a straw hat (for added style, but also to hide 2nd-day hair).

More Road Trip Outfit Ideas & Tips

Obviously you want to take into consideration many factors when choosing your outfit. For example, what season is it? Do you plan on making stops, and if so where will you be visiting? Do any of these places have dress codes? How long is the drive?

road trip outfit ideas

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  • Leggings & a cute sweatshirt. For less formal road trips during the fall/winter, you can’t go wrong with combo. Leggings are comfortable to wear in and out of the car, and a sweatshirt is cozy. Opt for a tailored sweatshirt or something with a cute pattern or embellishments to make it a bit more “fashionable” in case you’re making pit stops.
  • Layers, layers, layers. If you’re traveling from one climate to another, you want to dress in layers to stay at the optimal temperature. This means layering a tank top under a open-front cardigan sweater, for example. Or throwing on a jean jacket over a short-sleeve T-shirt dress. A huge blanket scarf doubles as a blanket if you get cold (I always bring this with me on planes!)
  • Comfy shoes. Even if I’m traveling to a fancy event, I wear comfy shoes in the car and then change to my heels when it’s time to head out for the event. Comfy shoes can mean anything from sneakers to flats.
  • Minimal accessories (including jewelry). You can always keep jewelry in your bag to pop on when you’re arrived at your destination, but I personally find it so uncomfortable to wear a lot of it during a road trip (especially if I try to take a nap).


  1. Super cute outfit – love this! I tend to be pretty bland on my road trip outfits…shorts and a tee and my sperrys, but you’re right – it’s important to be prepared for those pit stops!

  2. This outfit is too cute, a combination of romantic boho. It looks like you can survive a road trip and possibly a trip to Spain along the way! Have a great weekend!!

  3. Oooooh such a cute outfit! I can just picture wearing this on a sunny day with the window’s down riding through the country!

  4. I’m with Nicole on this one – with that outfit, you need the windows down and classic rock on the radio as you drive through a long stretch of country! perfect 🙂

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