SoHo Beauty Makeup Brushes Review

soho makeup brushes

A few weeks ago, I entered a giveaway on Pretty & Fun. I was very surprised (and happy) to receive an e-mail from Cait saying that I had won and would be receiving a set of 5 makeup brushes from SOHO Beauty. I love trying new makeup products and haven’t bought new brushes in quite some time, so I was excited to get to use these.

The set I received included a Kabuki brush, a blush brush, a foundation brush, an eyeliner brush and a power brush. These brushes boast their “ergonomic design, high-quality brush hair and sleek styling” on the package and website.

soho kabuki brushKabuki Brush

This is the first kabuki brush I’ve ever actually used. I’ve always just resorted to using my regular powder brush for applying powder, but I’ve read about how kabuki brushes give a lighter application and finish. I’ll probably use this more during the summer when I only want to dust a little mineral powder on my face. It blended very well and gave an allover light dusting.

soho foundation brushFoundation Brush

I saw so much of a difference when using this foundation brush compared to my old one. It’s much fluffier and distributes the makeup evenly.


soho eyeliner brush


Eyeliner Brush

This eyeliner brush was nice and thin with strong bristles, allowing my gel eyeliner to be drawn on in a few smooth strokes. I didn’t try it with powder eye shadow, but I can imagine the results would be similar.

soho blush brush

Blush Brush

With its ergonomic handle design, applying my blush was as easy as can be. This brush seems to have larger bristles than my previous blush brush, so it only took one stroke instead of a few to get full coverage.


soho powder brush

Powder Brush

This was the only brush that shed a few bristles upon using. It wasn’t enough to deter me from continuing to use it, though. I found this to be an average powder brush and was pleased with the results.


makeup brush bristles


Overall, I found the SOHO makeup brushes to be a great bargain. For their price, they certainly get the job done. My favorite part was the ergonomic design, which fits to your fingers and hand to make application more comfortable.


  1. Thank you for the review. I collect makeup brushes…I know it’s a weird thing to collect lol I really like the shape of these and the bristles look like they could pick up a lot of pigment.

  2. That’s awesome that you won them! These look really nice. I need to suck it up and buy some nice brushes. Mine are pretty janky. 🙂

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