A Day at the Fair

ferris wheel

Here in upstate NY, no summer is complete without a visit to one of the many fairs. This past weekend, my family and boyfriend spent a day at the Washington County Fair in Greenwich, NY. Although I’ve been to the fair many times in my life, this trip was extra special since it was my boyfriend’s first time at this type of event.

Some highlights of our trip include the large selection of food (they seriously have everything at this fair- it was so hard to choose), getting to see (and pet) a large variety of animals and losing our hearing while walking near the tractor pulls. Okay- so the last one wasn’t a fun highlight, but you get my point… Here are a few snapshots from the fair.

deep fried pop tartsJames got adventurous and tried the deep fried Pop-Tarts. The verdict? Pretty good. He got the brown sugar cinnamon ones so they tasted a bit like cinnamon fried dough.



Jamaican sheep


baby goats

The cutest baby goats



Rudolf himself



James having a staring contest with the emus. All I could think of was the scene from “Dude, Where’s My Car?”


  1. Ok – deep fried pop tarts? Why didn’t they have that at my fair! I’ve had deep fried snickers (so yummy) but not poptarts. Looks like the fair was a great time. I definitely miss fairs but just discovered the magic of food truck meetups in Orlando…it’s like a fair just for gourmet food. Such a fun time!


    1. This was the first time I had ever seen them at a fair before. They even had deep fried Kool Aid (don’t ask me how that works, I’m not sure haha) Food trucks sound equally as amazing- there aren’t too many of those around here!

  2. Deep fried pop-tarts….as bad as they probably are they look sooo gooood!! Your trip to the fair looked like fun!

  3. Deep fried pop tarts!!! All I can say is OOOOMMMMGGG! I bet they were AMAZING! Definitely dangerous LOL! Hope your week is going well gorgeous!

  4. Looks like a fun day at the fair! I totally would have tried one of those pop tarts… it’s not a complete day at the fair unless you eat something fried with powdered sugar on top!

  5. So jealous! I haven’t been to the fair in forever! One is coming to my town soon and this just reminded me that I really need to go!

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