Instagram Life


Highlights of my past few months on Instagram include:

  • My only trip to the beach this entire summer
  • Trying a delicious Sanpellegrino for the first time
  • A huge homemade ice cream sandwich from my local ice cream shop
  • A head-sized lollipop souvenir from Punta Cana
  • Pretty roses for my anniversary
  • A trip to Rockland Bakery to drool over bread
  • My two favorite men: my boyfriend and my cat
  • A trip to the fair for some fried dough
  • Campfires in my backyard with s’mores
  • Receiving my favorite band’s new CD in the mail

You can follow me on instagram here.


  1. Hehe we both Instagrammed a sandy feet photo! That ice cream sandwich looks soooo good! I’m following you on Instagram now 🙂

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