Autumn Lust List

The arrival of fall means a few different things: the abundance of pumpkin-flavored everything, trips to go apple picking and of course- the new wardrobe we all want. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons (ok- there are only 4 seasons and I enjoy each one for their own reasons, so disregard that last comment), with one of the main reasons being able to wear comfy sweaters and boots. Here are some items that are on my autumn lust list.


autumn lust list


A cute heart sweater  |  A leather jacket for when it gets chilly  |  An oxblood dress  |  A Peter Pan collar necklace to dress up a tee  |  This gorgeous bag named after Lana Del Rey  |  A pair of black boots to go with everything  |  A deep red lipstick  |  A pretty fall colored nail polish


  1. I am so with you on the red lips! I accidentally (on purpose) ended up with 3 red lipsticks after my last Sephora order. 😉

  2. ok, i officially want your ENTIRE lust list!! such great finds – especially the dress and jacket!! xoxoxo new follower!!

  3. We definitely have some wish list items in common – I’m dying to get a genuine leather jacket this year along with a peter pan collar necklace. Love everything you picked here Rachel, great set!

  4. i sooo love that heart sweater and also the nailpolish, do you know the name of the shade? also i have a pair of brown riding boots maybe you have convinced me to buy black boots

  5. Love love love all of these pieces! I am all about sweaters like that this fall, and that dress is gorgeous! Would last you all the way through the holiday season as well!

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