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life unsweetened

Hey everyone! Just a few blog updates to let you all know about:

A few weeks ago I gave Life Unsweetened a mini-makeover. I made a new header, new sidebar widgets and got rid of a lot of the clutter. I hope the new layout is a little cleaner and easier to navigate. For those of you who subscribe to this blog through e-mail or in a reader (such as Google Reader), you probably just read my posts that way and don’t click through to my site. So, I encourage you to click here to see the new look to check out some of the new features. Remember- you can always click on the title of the post in your e-mail or reader to easily read other’s comments or even leave one of your own!

If you follow this blog on Bloglovin or follow my posts through Twitter or Facebook, you’ve probably already seen the new layout. However, there are a few new features to check out. I’ve updated my “About Me” page with some fun facts about me and a story of how the blog started out. My new “Categories” page breaks down all my posts into their appropriate category- making it easier for you to see some old posts in your topic of choice (fashion, life, music, etc.)

Let me know what you think- I’m welcome to comments and suggestions!


  1. I do love the layout and design of your blog. LOVE the layout and fun facts on your about me page, Ms Prom Queen! šŸ™‚ Really love how you broke everything down into categories too!

  2. i’m new here so not sure what it looked like before — but am loving your layout & colors!!
    jumped over to visit from your comment on sandy a la mode’s blog!! great to e-meet you!xo

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