Fox Clothing & Accessories

When I started to see foxes popping up on almost every site while online browsing (this is online shopping without actually purchasing anything due to a budget), I was so happy. Foxes are one of my favorite animals and my college’s mascot was a red fox as well. I’ve been known to sport some obnoxious animal clothing in my days (including a shirt from high school that said “what the duck?”), but I think these pieces fox clothing and accessories  are far more mature and wearable than those of my past.


fox clothing

sweater  |  necklace  |  bag  |  iPhone case  |  ring  |  socks  |  dress


  1. I love foxes and I love every single one of your picks! That necklace is adorable!!! The blog design looks great too! Hope you had a good weekend!

  2. Love this! I have always been a fan of wearing different animals on my clothes/accessories! This is the first I have seen of foxes… I guess I need to purchase something with a fox on it now!

  3. Yes! I am all over foxes! I just got a fox sweater – which I’ll wear it if ever dips below 80 here… And I just pinned a fox loafers DIY… AND I am lusting over Tory Burch’s fox-stud wrap bracelet… FOXY!

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