Fall Nail Polish Colors to Try

Here’s a confession: I never used to wear nail polish. While my toes were always painted some sort of color, I never was into painting my fingernails. I blame this on my tiny hands/fingers and lack of ability to grow my nails. During college, that all changed. I started wearing polish during my junior year and have been obsessed ever since. While most of my collection includes OPI, I also enjoy Essie and Revlon for inexpensive polishes.

Now that summer is over and we’re transitioning into fall, the shades we’re wearing on our nails should change accordingly. Although there seems to be an abundance of nail trends this season (pointy shapes a la Lana Del Rey and metallic shades seem to be big), I’ve chosen three of my favorite fall nail polish colors everyone should try.

fall 2012 nail polish
Red Nail Polishes for Fall

The red nail polishes for fall aren’t your typical bright red, but instead shades like deep red, burgundy, and berry. This is an easy color to attempt if you’re not into funky colors or trends (if you never went through a black nail polish phase, this is for you). If you’re feeling extra daring, match your nails and your lips with a burgundy lip.

Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer in “Massai Red” / Essie Nail Polish in “Recessionista” / Sephora by OPI Nail Colour in “Have You Met Rose, Mary?” / Deborah Lippman Nail Lacquer in “Lady is a Tramp”

Nude Nail Polishes for Fall

Nude nail polishes are classic and will never go out of style, but can be swapped out based on the season. While whites and light nudey-pinks are nice for summer, fall shades should be a bit darker like taupes, beiges, and grieges. Make sure the color is dark/deep enough that it doesn’t show up as the same color as your skin.

Deborah Lippman Nail Lacquer in “Waking Up in Vegas” / Sephora by OPI Nail Colour in “Dance Til Fawn” / OPI Nail Polish in “Berlin There Done That” / Essie Nail Polish in “Au Natural”

Green Nail Polishes for Fall

The green shades for fall aren’t neon or bright, but instead darker, moodier shades like army green and forest green. If one coat is too much for you, apply another for a darker finish.

Deborah Lippman Nail Lacquer in “Billionaire” / Essie Nail Polish in “Stylenomics” / Zoya Nail Polish in “Ray” / Sephora by OPI Nail Colour in “Leaf Him at the Alter”


  1. I love all of these colors! Especially the greens, those last 2 are calling my name! I’m bad about wearing polish too. Seems like it only lasts 1 day on me. Have you ever tried Revlon ColorStay? That lasts about a week on me!

  2. I LOVE burgundy shades for nail polish. It’s definitely my go-to for fall. I’ve just started using the nude shades too and am loving it. Haven’t tried the greens yet though… I am a bit intimidated, but I might do some experimenting! 🙂

  3. Confession: I still don’t always wear polish! It chips so easily and I’m one of those terrible people who just lets it keep chipping which looks totally ridiculous. However, I am a big polish lover despite that and am with you on all of these shades. Reds, nudes and greens are all my favorite polish colors right now. 🙂


  4. i love the deep reds and burgundy. i think this fall or winter i will try a navy nail polish. i never go dark except for a dark red but even then my dark red might not be considered very dark. i used to always always paint my nails with a french manicure now i am all about the color

  5. I would definitely have to make the same confession – I just started wearing polish on my nails recently. I’m really into the green trend this fall. If you haven’t checked it out yet, look into Julep and their maven program. It sounds right up your ally! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. I just pained my nails more of a neutral green yesterday but in a few weeks looks like I will need to change it to dark green! LOVE it!!!

  7. I am a nailpolish fanatic! I rarely stick to seasons, and just pick colors based on my mood and personality. I just painted my nails a seafoam green yesterday and love it. Right before that was a coral one by Essie. Right now I’m loving sky blues and deep reds like Malagna Wine (OPI). But my toes are always a coral such as Tangerine by Essie or Monsoon You Later by OPI. Can you tell I have a nailpolish addiction? Thanks for posting!

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