Football Frenzy: What to Wear to A Football Game

My college never had a great football team (sorry, Marist!) but I did attend a few games during my four years there. I guess they just didn’t compare to the small-town high school football games I loved going to as a teen. I remember going to the games with all of my classmates and then getting to see my guy friends being interviewed on the local news for making the winning touchdown. Oh the nostalgia.

In terms of what to wear to a football game, it really depends on the weather. For mid-to-late September, I’d wear a cozy sweater or light jacket and a pair of jeans. Add some comfortable flats or boots and a small, light purse to hold the bare essentials and you’re good to go. Just don’t forget to sport your school’s colors — it’s the most important part!



red sweater  |  chunky chain necklace  |  white crossbody bag  | denimstudded loafers

What to Wear to A Football Game

Sweater of your team’s color(s) – My college’s colors were red, black, and white, so I chose a red sweater for the collage above. A thick sweater means you don’t have to wear a bulky coat and can still show your school spirit.

Comfy jeans – Throw on a pair of your favorite jeans in whatever style denim you like, whether they’re skinny, boyfriend, high-waisted, or flared.

A crossbody bag – A crossbody bag should fit all the essentials without being too heavy (you don’t want anything you have to carry around that will hurt your shoulders). Something that fits your phone, keys, and wallet is enough.

Comfy, but cute shoes – For some of us, it’s a pair of sneakers. For others, it’s something dressier like a flat or loafer. It really depends on the weather and what type of activity you’ll be doing (tailgating or just sitting in the bleachers, for example).

A chunky necklace – A statement necklace pairs nicely with the solid-colored sweater above. I chose an email chunky chain variety for the collage above.


  1. I had the opposite…my HS football team literally lost every single game so I never went! I loved going to football games in college though (U of Maryland). I love the studded details in this outfit! Have a great weekend, Rachel!

  2. Great outfit pick Rachel! This is how I like to show my college football spirit – a jersey just doesn’t fit into my style so I always love repping school/hometown colors with things I actually wear, like sweaters/jewelry. I also love the collegiate line AE carries, they have some really cute college football graphic tees. 🙂

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