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One of the most exciting parts in a relationship- whether it’s with a friend, family member or boyfriend- is experiencing something for the first time with that person. There is the rare occasion that you both are experiencing something for the first time together, but it’s more likely that one of you gets to introduce the other to a new activity, restaurant or product.

College obviously introduced me to a lot of firsts- my first time sharing a room with someone else, my first time trying hummus and my first time going to a concert alone.  Being in a place with so many people from different backgrounds with different interests really opened my eyes and allowed me to get to try a ton of new things.

After all of this excitement, I wondered if life after college would introduce me to new, fun opportunities and experiences just like college did. I worried that my life after school would be so consumed with work and being a “grown up” that I wouldn’t get to do anything fun.

While life after college certainly isn’t as exciting as it was during school, I’ve still gotten to experience a lot of things for the first time. My first trip to historic Philadelphia and exciting Atlantic City was because of my boyfriend. I also got to go to my first MLB game and attended my first “real” wedding with him. Looking back at my life before all of these firsts, it seemed pretty boring, and I attribute a lot of the recent excitement to him.

What’s even better than getting to experience things for the first time for yourself?- getting to introduce someone else to something for the first time in their life. Since my boyfriend and I are from very different areas of New York (I’m upstate and he is down near the city), there are plenty of things in my small farm town that he got to experience solely because of me. For example, he got to see his first cow in real life (he even pet it, too), his first taste of venison (that’s deer meat) and his first time to a county fair.

I’m excited to see what my next “first” will be.

This post originally appeared in LA Family Magazine and can be seen here. You can read the rest of my articles here as well. 


  1. College was one of my favorite times – you meet so many great people that will become life long friends and you are finally on your own! It’s a magical time 🙂

  2. So true! I think the bests parts of being in a relationship are where you get to share little pieces of yourself with the other person that helps them understand where you come from. Very sweet post 🙂

  3. This is so true! I love that most of our firsts happen with other people. It seems like very rarely will we go out on our own and try something new. Most often it’s other people introducing us to new things (or vice versa)!

  4. I never thought about someone never seeing a cow in real life. I guess that’s one of the differences between city life and small town life.

  5. One of the things my boyfriend and I like to do is try new restaurants – it makes a first happen every weekend! Such a fun way to discover things together. Great article!

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