The Cutest iPhone Cases

Ever since December of 2011 (yes, I was a bit late on the smartphone trend) I’ve been in love with my iPhone. Although I had internet access on my old phone, this was my first real “smartphone” and I’m still in awe of how far technology has came over the years. One of my favorite things about the iPhone is all the customizations. Whether it’s what funny photo you choose as your background to the way your text messages show up, the options are endless.

One of the easiest ways to make your iPhone your own is with the case. I started off with one of the typical jelly-like cases in a solid purple and blue and then moved my way onto a this cool 3-D rose case. Although I have no complaints about the rose case and planned on keeping it for a while, I saw a cute kitten case and couldn’t resist. At just $14 at Nordstrom, it was a steal. Here are some of my other favorite cutest iPhone cases below, which include a case that looks like an eyeshadow compact, an almost-edible ice cream sandwich case, and a case with a beautiful sugar skull.


iphone cases

All of these cases can be found by visiting Society 6.


  1. Cute picks for iPhone cases! I have an iPhone for work, but I have a boring black case on it. I’m thinking about adding some polka dots with a metallic sharpie. I have a Droid Razr for my personal phone and while I love Android phones, the case selections are much less exciting.

  2. Love the ice cream sandwich and sunglasses cases! I actually just jumped onto the iPhone bandwagon so I’m even further behind than you šŸ™‚ The case was the first thing I bought – white with mint cheetah print.


  3. I love the pink floral iphone case, super girly and sooooo much my style. Too bad I dont have an Iphone ( Iam soooooooooo retarded) if I would have one i would def pick this one Rachel

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