Outfit Crush: Olivia Palermo

I think everyone can agree that Olivia Palermo has amazing style. She can pull off trends that we would never think of and always looks beautiful doing so. She is always the perfect mix of girly, edgy and classic (yes, somehow this can be achieved). One time a blog reader told me that I reminded them of her and I gasped (oh how I wish I looked like her).


outfit crush- olivia palermo

gold watch  |  chartreuse sweater  |  classic blazer  |  floral pants  |  structured satchel  |  leopard heels  |  gold cuff

How to Copy Olivia Palermo’s Outfit

One of my favorite outfits of hers is this printed pants and blazer combo shown above. Here’s how to copy Olivia’s outfit and style with a few more affordable pieces.

Start with a Pair of Statement Pants

In this case, Olivia chose a bold floral print, but other options include animal prints, stripes, or polka dots (for example). Try to find a pattern that has neutrals in it (blacks, browns, and whites) so you can mix and match with accessories and tops nicely.

Add on a Solid Colored Top

Here, Olivia chose a bright chartreuse sweater that popped against the dark, moody print on her pants. The key here is having one bright color in the outfit and keeping everything else fairly neutral.

Throw on a Black Blazer

Honestly, what outfit doesn’t work with a black, tailored blazer? Almost none! Adding a black blazer to her outfit prevents the chartreuse sweater from taking over the outfit (which is especially helpful since Olivia is so petite already).

Choose a Few Gold Accessories to Wear

Olivia chose a gold watch and gold cuff bracelet to add some embellishment in terms of jewelry.

Add Brown Accents to Compliment the Color Palette

Black and chartreuse aren’t the first colors you think of going with brown, but it works! Olivia chose a brown satchel bag and some classic brown leopard heels as finishing touches.


  1. she is so pretty. & love this look. i am really into floral pants atm, i am not sure i can pull them off, but i hope think i can. & leopard pumps are so in right now — i rock mine all the time!

    happy weekend!

  2. Olivia is one-of-kind for sure and she gets it right always. Not sure I could do the floral pants, but she pulls it off!

  3. Oh gosh, yes I love Olivia! She always looks stunning and this outfit is no exception. Totally have a style crush on her!

  4. I totally see the resemblance between you and her! I bet you’re way nicer too, hehe 🙂 Great outfit! I love the neon and leopard together!

    1. I don’t see much of a resemblance, but I didn’t hate hearing it from the one girl before! I am plenty nicer than Olivia (or at least her “persona” on tv) Thanks for reading!

  5. Olivia Palermo has an unique style, she pulls everything off so perfectly. How great is that combo, you are right is really difficult to find the perfect match for printed pants. She is just THE style icon.

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