Bold Blazers: How to Wear Them & My Top Picks

bold blazers

Now that the weather is starting to cool off, it’s socially acceptable to bring out my blazers. I still have a few black and blue ones from last season, but I’m looking for something extra special for this fall. Bold colors and prints can be just as wearable as your trusty old black staple, you’ll just want to keep the rest of your outfit and accessories simple. I’ve picked a few of my favorite bold blazer trends below for you to check out.

Bold Blazers You Can Actually Pull Off

When I first started having to dress for the “working world”, it was during my college internships. While one let me wear jeans and T-shirts everyday (it was at a radio station, after all), the other was definitely a more traditional office dress code. This is when I first really started wearing blazers and adding them to my wardrobe. While back then I stuck to the traditional black or other solid-colored blazer, I eventually branched out into more bold blazers, like ones with leopard or floral prints.




Floral Print Blazer  |  Floral Blazer  |  Blue Blazer  |  Red Blazer  |  Cheetah Blazer  |  Leopard Blazer

How to Wear a Bold Blazer

I categorized bold blazers into three categories that I see often when browsing the sales rack or – floral print blazers, colored blazers, and leopard print blazers. Here are a few ways to wear bold blazers with inspiration from fellow bloggers and celebrities.

how to wear a bold blazer

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Floral Print Blazers

Floral print blazers are perfect for adding some color and warmth to a neutral outfit, especially during colder months. You can bring the spring/summer season into drab winter just by putting one on!

Bold Color Blazers

If you can’t commit to a bold print, simply choosing a color aside from a traditional neutral is a step in the “bold” direction. Red and blue are two shades that go nicely with black, white, and camel/tan.

Leopard Print Blazers

Some say leopard is a neutral — what do you think? A leopard blazer can be a fun alternative to your traditional neutral. If you’re too scared to take the plunge, stick to a brown color palette so it’s not too showy.


  1. That orange one is my favorite! I’ve never owned a blazer before, though. I’m afraid it would make me look more grown-up than I’m ready to be haha

  2. I’ve gotten a little obsessed with blazers recently. In fact I’m blogging about my newest one tomorrow! No bold ones so far but I really like the solid colors and I think I can fit a few more in my closet…

  3. I think I would wear them all as long as I felt I could pull it off… you never know until you try it on! 🙂

  4. I LOVE all of your picks! Blazers are fabulous and when they are in a bold color or print they are EVEN MORE fabulous! I’m thinking I really need a floral print 🙂

  5. Rachel, I usually stick with the bold colours. Printed blazers go out of fashion way too fast, so preferering the puristic and clean chic more. Also I was close getting a floral blazer this year, it all depends on the colours I guess as well and how it would fit to my wardrobe 🙂 I kinda like the leopard print too, but I rather invest in leopard heels than in a blazer

  6. Yes!! I would! I love bold, statement pieces! They are fun and always put me in a good mood! Love these picks!!

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