Thoughts I Had While Fall Closet Cleaning

beanie babies

This past weekend, I did a little fall cleaning of my closets. The two closets in my room consist of clothes, shoes, and some of my old “items”- which includes everything from stuffed animals to my CD collection. During this process, I realized a few things I’d like to share with you.

My taste in music was quite awful, yet awesome

My collection of cassette tapes that I found included The Spice Girls, Natalie Imbruglia (she had that song “Torn”), Backstreet Boys, Aqua (“Barbie Girl”) and Jewel. I clearly moved up in taste once CDs came out- my first CD was No Doubts “Tragic Kindgom” — which is actually a really good album. Sadly, my CD collection also included Britney Spears, Ashlee Simpson (not ashamed of this one though), 3LW, Dream, Nelly, etc. Eventually I stopped buying CDs in late high school once my music taste got a little better and iTunes took over. It was still hilarious to remember all the songs I used to listen to.

What happened to Beanie Babies being worth some money?

I have a large collection of probably 50-100 of them. After doing some internet research, I found out that they are only worth a buck or two a piece. So I’m thinking of keeping them for when I have kids so they can play with Mommy’s old toys. How cute.

I may be in the early stages of hoarding

Ok not really, but it was very hard for me to part with some of the items I found. For example, it took all my might to let go of my Lisa Frank collectible tin, these miniature bunny figurines and my childhood books.

I used to have kick-ass computer games

Lego Friends (you build your own girl band- not sure what it has to do with Legos), American Idol (my brother and I used to play this and sing to random strangers), Barbie Cool Looks Fashion Designer (you got to create your own clothes and Barbie modeled them- a fashion blogger’s dream) and much more. I really miss spending hours playing games on weekends.

What are some funny things you’ve discovered when cleaning out your closet/room? Do you find it hard to part with items from your childhood and teenage years? 


  1. Your music collection sounds a lot like mine! haha.

    I remember when Beanie Babies were like $5-8 a piece. Some even more! Now they’re so cheap! I still have my collection too. I don’t think I’ll be giving it up anytime soon.

  2. We are twins. I have a huge beanie baby collection also that I don’t know what to do with. I even have tag protectors on all of them because my parents convinced me they’d be worth big bucks someday. And I think I had all of those same CDs as you 🙂 I had that Barbie computer game also — it was the BEST. I used to play for hours. It’s always fun cleaning out your closet and taking a little trip back to childhood 🙂


    1. I’m so glad I’m not alone! I have tag protectors on some, too- it’s so sad that my parents wasted all that money on them and now they aren’t even worth anything.

      The Barbie game was THE best- I used to want to be a fashion designer because of it! 🙂

  3. Before I moved all the way out of my parents house (like no more summers at home or anything) I went through everything, and sadly got rid of a lot. Included where the bucket of beads I used to play with (and not always string into necklaces, but rather sort into armies and play war) a similarily used bucket of buttons and a time capsle I had made back when I was like 13….that was the best find!

  4. I don’t have too much in my closet now, but when I was going through old things at my mom’s house I found a Little Mermaid lunchbox full of crayons. Not just like a 64 pack of crayons. I’m talking multiple 64 packs. I was a first-grade crayon hoarder.

    Also, I’m really disappointed about those beanie babies. I made my dad drive all over to different McDonald’s trying to get certain ones.

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