Animal Sweaters

Sweaters- we all love them, but they can get a bit boring. Even if you have one in every color, there will come a time when you want something new. Although I do love my polka dots, stripes and funky patterns, I think that my new go-to are these cute animal sweaters.  Whether it’s a fox, cat, dog or even a swan, there is a sweater out there with your favorite critter on it. Here are some of my favorites.


animal sweaters

Top:  Owl  /  Cat  /  Horse

Bottom:  Tiger  /  Penguin  /  Wolf


  1. I’ve been lusting after an animal sweater ever since I saw the french hen J. Crew sweater, but I’m loving the owl! Too cute!

  2. I feel like this trend would only make me look younger. However, penguins are just about my favorite thing on the planet, so that penguin sweater might be in my closet soon 😉

  3. So cute! I love the owl and penguin sweaters 🙂 I have become more and more drawn to tops with animals on them lately. I’m actually wearing a dove printed shirt now!


  4. I’ve been eyeing that horse one from Joie!! Love it! Also, I have to tell you that I absolutely loved your Halloween pictures! I was laughing so hard!!! It made me miss my college days. Everyone always had the most creative costumes:)

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Even though this will be my second Halloween out of college, I still miss it so much! There are more posts to come this week and next week!

  5. I was JUST thinking about how many animal sweaters i’ve been seeing lately and how i MUST get one! i love all of your picks here! they are absolutely adorbs!

  6. OBSESSED. I have a horse sweater and a fox sweater, that I’m anxiously awaiting the weather to allow me to wear, and I was a mere click away from buying that tiger sweater a few weeks ago but managed to reel myself in haha.

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