The 7 Deadly Sins Halloween Costume

7 deadly sins costume

My sophomore year of college, my friends and I wanted to do another group costume. I came up with the idea of The 7 Deadly Sins since there were 7 of us living in a house together. After researching what each sin really was about, we assigned one to each of us and made our costumes ourselves. This is a great Halloween group costume idea for groups that have distinct personalities. The photo above is lust, pride, wrath, greed, gluttony and envy acting out their sin’s personalities. As you can see, there are only 6 sins in this photo. Sloth was too busy sleeping and being lazy to make it into the photo, but she appeared in the one below. (Faces are edited by request- sorry!) 

7 deadly sins halloween costume

Here is a breakdown of our looks and how to make a 7 deadly sins Halloween costume yourself:

wrath halloween costume

Black Dress  |  Devil Horns , Tail & Bow Set  |  Stila Cosmetics Smudge Pot

Wrath Halloween Costume

For a wrath costume, there are many options you can choose. Wrath is known to be dark and angry, so you could wear devil horns, paint your face a menacing color, etc.- just make sure you have an angry look on your face the entire night.


greed halloween costume

Dollar Bill Top  |  Sequin Skirt  |  Money Sign Necklace

Greed Halloween Costume

For the greed costume, I bought a cheap nightgown at Macy’s and then decorated the top and bottom with fake money. I found some tacky and glittery dollar sign earrings to finish the look.


pride halloween costume

Sequin Prom Dress  |  Tiara  |  MAC Lipstick in Candy Yum Yum

Pride Halloween Costume

For a pride costume, wear your best pageant gown, tiara, heels, and pink lipstick. Extra points if you carry around a mirror to check yourself out in.


sloth halloween costume

Nightgown  |  Luxury Sleep Mask  |  Slippers

Sloth Halloween Costume

Since sloth is known for being lazy and sluggish, my friend who dressed up in a sloth costume wore a nightgown, sleeping shades and slippers. Act tired the whole night for extra points.


gluttony costume

Apron  |  Cupcake Earrings  |  Spiral Lollipops

Gluttony Halloween Costume

For her gluttony costume, my friend bought a cheap apron and decorated it with all types of candy. This is one of the easiest and most fun costumes for Halloween since you can eat your costume if you get hungry!


lust costume

Red Dress  |  Black Heels  |  NYX Matte Lipstick in Indie Flick

Lust Halloween Costume

For a lust costume, pick up the cutest bustier and lacy shorts in any lingerie department (if you dare). Opt for smoky eyes and a sexy red lip and don’t forget the heels! Sometimes Lust and Wrath tend to look similar for some reason, so make sure lust is sexier and has more red in their costume.


envy costume

Green Dress  |  Black Boots  |  MAKE UP FOR EVER Eyeshadow in Iridescent Lagoon Green

Envy Halloween Costume

For an envy costume, make sure you wear some green- the ultimate color of envy. Wearing a plan or simple green dress gives you an easy way to be “envious” of other’s costumes, too. My friend had the creative idea of taking a piece of everyone’s costume and trying to make it her own- which is something someone who was envious would totally do! Follow everyone around all night and act crazily jealous- just pretend some girl is hitting on your boyfriend or something.

*Tip* Since sometimes it takes a while for people to understand what you are (or if you will be separated from your group during the night’s activities), wear a badge or sash with your sin’s name on it to make your costume easier to understand.


  1. This is so creative! Pulling together group costumes can be so hard, a bunch of friends and I went as Wizard of Oz last year and we had to work hard to pull it all together. This is fun and not something you see every Halloween, wishing I had a big group this year to recreate this with!


  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Some girls I was friends with in college did this theme and made their outfits out of silky colored fabric and did crazy zombie like makeup! It was amazing and so is this!

  3. Hi, I just found your page, and saw this post. I once did a seven deadly sins costume for one person. No one knew what it was supposed to be, naturally, but I had fun explaining it. Here’s how it went:
    Sloth: a pink bathrobe
    Lust: Fishnet stockings and lacy garters
    Gluttony: Plastic dog toys shaped like donuts, cookies, an ice cream cone, a hot dog and a cheeseburger (tied around my waist)
    Pride: a tiara with a black skull and black and purple tinsel trimming
    Envy: Green makeup and a green hair piece
    Wrath: A white bath glove stained with fake blood
    Greed: A boa made of fake $100 bills. People noticed this the most since it was so long and bulky. They even wished it was real money!

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