The Worst Halloween Costumes

While I’m not one to judge people for showing a bit of skin on Halloween (I dressed up as a human loofah one year and showed plenty of arm and leg), I do however judge you based on your costume. I love people who make their own or who at least come up with some sort of creative idea. I realize it’s easy to just wear all black and throw on some cat ears and be a cat or go to the mall and buy a sexy sailor outfit, but sometimes the fun costumes are the best ones.

While browsing for some pre-made costumes and DIY ones for inspiration and out of boredom, I stumbled on some that made me think “what?” to myself. Enjoy.

 wtf halloween costumes

A sexy carebear? Ok I think going as a Care Bear is a great idea, especially if your group of friends all go as a different one or even make up your own, but this outfit is a little ridiculous. That can not possibly be comfortable. How on Earth do you walk in those shoes/leg warmers/furry things? I feel like this would make me sweat uncontrollably too, especially if I’m in a bar with hundreds of other people in costumes.

 politically incorrect costume

Okay, I get having a sick sense of humor. Last year I debated going as Casey Anthony for Halloween (I know, I’m a terrible person- but it was a joke), but going as someone in a straight-jacket seems to cross the line. As someone who has a high interest, respect and involvement for things involving mental illness, this just makes me feel all sorts of weird.

 corn halloween costume

I imagine the creation of this costume went like this. “Hey guys, we’ve had enough of the sexy nurses and vampires. Let’s try to make something that’s really unsexy SEXY for Halloween. Something like…. CORN!”

gotchic mummy

This costume has somehow brought two very unattractive, weird things together: goths and mummies. Congratulations, this is truly a scary costume. Please tell me that isn’t her real hair either, because all of that teasing is going to need some serious deep conditioning.

unicorn zombie

A sexy unicorn zombie. Two things that are not real mixed together with tons of neon. Just looking at this photo is giving me a headache and making me uncontrollable laugh at the same time.

*The first three images are Costumes


  1. Who is buying costumes like this? I find these hilarious but I think what is really disturbing is the sexy-ish costumes for little girls. A display caught my eye last weekend – it was sesame street characters like cookie monster and elmo, but the body of the costume was a little dress.

  2. OMG, this post just totally made my day. Seriously who comes up with these ideas? A sexy corn? What? And I don’t think I can ever look at care bears the same way again… that just ruined my entire childhood, haha!

  3. I’m so anti-sexy costumes at this point, because they’ve gotten totally out of control. And like you’ve been showing off, it’s so easy to make your own. Why are you going to squeeze yourself into two strips of cheap polyester and faux fur when you can make a cute costume yourself? Ugh.

    1. I mean I definitely don’t wear a sweater and sweatpants every year- some skin is acceptable. But a few of these are just too much, so I agree!

  4. Conan had a funny line the other night about how people are starting to buy costumes for their pets more and more and he said, “Great, so now we’re gonna have a bunch of slutty labs running around.” It made me giggle. I’m so over the slutty Halloween trend, it’s so unoriginal and ridiculous. I mean, really, corn?! And you totally should have been Casey Anthony last year.

  5. Haha! Hilarious! I love this post! I’ve been against super-sexy costumes for a while now. I opt for the funny/cute ones because you can look good, be funny, and not look like a total frump! The sexy corn is just too much for me. What’s next?!

  6. OMG the corn!!! I am laughing so hard! Apparently you can try to make ANYTHING sexy! Maybe sexy bacon this year? LOL

  7. Haha! Your posts are hilarious! Love how they brighten my day. Hopefully, you can check out my fashion blog and see what you think of it. 🙂

  8. hahaha these are too funny. You saved the best one for last too, neon zombie unicorn. They really ran out of ideas.

  9. Hahaha that unicorn one is so ridiculous!! And the corn – wow, that’s all I have to say.


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