Loofah Halloween Costume

loofah costume

To this date, this is my favorite Halloween costume that I’ve ever worn. It was such a genius idea, but ended up taking a lot more time and resources than I thought it would. However, it was totally worth it in the end with all of the compliments I received. I suggest making this costume if you’re a creative person who has quite a bit of time on their hands. Scroll down for directions on how to make the costume yourself!

loofah halloween costume


DIY Loofah Halloween Costume

What You’ll Need:

– a box of about 100 safety pins

-a short tube-top dress (preferably in the color you want the loofah to be. I only had a black one, so I had to use that)

– a piece of poly rope (long enough to fit around your neck)

– 30-40 yards of tulle fabric in your choice of color (it’s better to buy more than less- I learned this the hard way and had some empty spots on mine. This also depends on your size.)



  • Cut the tulle into manageable pieces and bunch/crumple the fabric together, forming what looks like a bath loofah.
  • Secure each bunch of tulle fabric onto the dress/shirt with a safety pin. You may need to use a few pins for each bunch to keep it together and keep the shape. Make sure when you pin the tulle bunch to the dress that you aren’t scooping up a lot of the dress in the pin- otherwise it will bunch up your dress and you won’t be able to fit in it (this part is hard to explain, but if you mess up- you will know what I’m referring to!
  • Try on the dress periodically to make sure it’s fitting and that it looks okay. If you have a friend to help pin- that’s great!
  • Once you’re done pinning and you don’t see any noticeable empty spots, cut a section of white rope long enough to fit around your neck
  • Secure the rope to the top of your loofah dress with a hot clue gun, safety pins, or a needle and thread. This will be the rope/handle of the loofah. You can tie the two ends together at the back of your neck to secure your new rope necklace

You’re done! You can add bubbles, some glitter spray for a wet appearance, or wear a shower cap for extra appeal.


  1. So cute and such a coincidence!  My friend JUST told me a few weeks ago that she wanted to do this for Halloween.  Will have to send her this DIY tutorial 🙂

  2. DIY costumes are the only way to go. Too funny, my friend and I were just talking about how cute this idea is, yours looks awesome!

  3. Rachel – this is cutest idea! You come up with the best costumes (plus, not many people can rock a loofah like you can!). Awesome post 🙂

  4. My friends and I are all being loofahs for Halloween this year!  I’m worried about not being covered enough, think I’m going back to the fabric store this weekend to buy some more material 😉

  5. This is AMAZING! After reading your post the other day I was really hoping you’d do a post on this costume. You’re so creative and this is such a cute idea!


  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this costume! I saw it on Pinterest a few weeks ago and thought HOW CREATIVE! I would have totally complimented you if I had seen you!

  7. Oh my goodness you look so stinkin cute! And that costume is so original. Looking forward to what you come up with for this year. Loving all these holiday themed posts lately. Btw you look so pretty in the first picture, totally rockin the loofah. 

  8. OMG this is TOO cute!! LOVE it! And I also love all of your halloween posts! It is making me SO excited for it!!

  9. omg haha this is hilarious!!! what an awesome idea! and you know no one else will have the same costume since it’s DIY! (Unless all of us readers now show up at the same party haha)

  10. I’m planning to do this for halloween this year! I’m super excited–how long did it take you to make it?

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