Britney Spears Halloween Costume

My freshman year of college, one of my friends came up with the brilliant idea of all of us going as Britney Spears for Halloween. Given this was in the fall of 2007 when she made her first official comeback, it seemed like the perfect idea. We each decided to go as a different Britney and tried our best to be creative with the costumes. We made most of our costumes from clothes we already had and ended up saving a lot of money compared to those who bought the pricey costumes at the mall. This costume idea is a great idea for a group of girls- especially if you have blonde or light brown hair (ok, we didn’t- but we made the best of it!) Extra points for whoever goes as bald Britney.

school girl britney costume

White Collared Button-Up Shirt  |  Gray Cardigan  |  Black Oxfords  |  Hair Bows  |  Black Schoolgirl Skirt  |  Knee-High Socks

Schoolgirl Britney Costume

This is arguably the most iconic Britney phase, her “Baby One More Time” days. All that’s required is your best schoolgirl outfit- a plaid skirt, white button-up, cardigan and the preppiest pigtails you can pull off.


slave 4 u britney

Denim Flare Jeans  |  Pink Bikini Top |  Pink Thong (to wear over jeans!)


“Slave 4 U” Britney Costume

Britney started a fashion trend (is it considered a trend if it actually never goes anywhere?) when in her music video, she wore her thong on the outside of her jeans. Willingly. This costume is so easy to make- just get a sparkly and lacy thong and wear over a pair of dark jeans. For the top, buy a matching tank top and cut and twist random pieces.


vmas britney spears

Black Blazer  |  Pinstriped Pants  |  Black Fedora  |  Black Silk Tie

2000 VMAs Britney Costume

This outfit is the one Britney wore the first few seconds of her notable 2000 MTV VMA performance. Seconds after coming out in this sexy menswear number, she stripped down to a nude body suit encrusted with diamonds. None of us had the guts or time to rock that costume, so we my friend Colleen opted for the look before the striptease. All that’s required for this costume is a black blazer, men’s tie, cute shorts, fishnets and a great hat.


britney spears bride

Short Bridal Veil |  Little White Lace Dress | Pearl Necklace Cluster

Bride Britney @ the 2003 VMAs Costume

Another memorable moment for Britney was her performance at the 2003 MTV VMAs where she kissed Madonna. Although I’m not sure why anyone in their right mind would want to kiss Madonna, it sure gained a lot of attention. For this look, I bought a cheap bride dress and veil at my local mall.

trailer trash britney spears

Cut Off Jean Shorts  |  Tank Top  |  UGG Boots  | Oversized Sunglasses

Gas Station Britney Costume

 After marrying Kevin Federline, BritBrit went downhill for a brief period. We’re talking messy-hair, going barefoot in public restrooms and smoking 24/7 downhill. Amy pulled off this character amazingly- she even brought around a cigarette with her when we went out. To make this costume, trash up a wife beater, throw on that trucker hat from 2003, draw on some tattoos and wear your furriest pink slippers (going barefoot is too risky!). You get extra points for messy eyeliner and greasy hair.


pregnant britney spears

Golden Ticket Tank Top  | Cowboy Boots  |  Leather Skirt

Pregnant Britney Costume

Knocked up by the errr… charming Kevin Federline, preggo Britney is a super easy (and fun!) phase to portray. Simple throw on a tank top, some cowboy boots and fake a baby bump. My friend Courtney used a pillow with those therapeutic beads inside for a realistic look.


  1. Hahahaha this gave me a good laugh! I love how you all went together as a different Britney. Another creative and fun idea!


  2. Ha ha ha ha ha, that is the funniest groups of costumers ever!!  That is so creative!!  I would love to be in your group of friends! 🙂  You must have a blast together!

  3. So hilarious how you each were a different variation of Britney, perfect for college girls who want to go for a theme.

  4. This is hilarious! I love the pregnant and trailer trash Britneys. I was a schoolgirl Britney one year in college for Halloween 🙂

  5. Too bad I’m 10 years your senior…I’d love to be in your group of friends:) I cannot stop laughing over this post!!!! HILARIOUS!  I had to show the Mr. even.  This is so dang creative & I loved all of your write-ups for ecah phase, I seriously am laughing so hard right now!

  6. This just might be the best idea ever.  I honestly can’t decide which Britney is my fave.  So funny!!

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