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squirrel blouse

Here’s a weird fun fact about me: I love squirrels. Ever since I went to a college whose campus was full of crazy ones, I have just become enamored with them. I think they are so cute and smart (the ones in my yard steal all the food from the bird feeder!) and one of my life goals is to hold and pet one. Yes, I know that squirrels are rodents, but I don’t care. Yes, I know that apparently they aren’t even soft to the touch, but I don’t care. And yes, I’ve heard all the horror stories about them ripping apart garbage, chewing holes in screen doors, etc. But I don’t care. I still love these little creatures.

So when I saw this squirrel blouse from ASOS on sale, I nearly died. While I usually don’t order things offline (I always have to try things on and see what it looks like in person), I made the exception for this. Thankfully, it fits for the most part and it was over 50% off, so why not!?

 squirrel shirt

ASOS squirrel blouse  /  Forever 21 jeans  /  American Eagle boots 


squirrel t-shirt

squirrel clothing


  1. Not sure I could rock the shirt, but its fun to find something whimsical on sale! And the fit is great on you….I’m always kinda iffy with sizing and online shopping.

  2. That blouse is adorable, and on sale too? I love the setting of your photos now if only a real life squirrel would come out to say hi.

  3. Ahhh. So cute! I have a love/hate relationship with squirrels. I think they’re adorable, but I don’t want to get too close… 🙂

  4. Thanks for stopping by my  blog.  I gotta say I love that squirrel shirt – adorbs.
    I love silky button down shirts of any kind but this one has a personality.  Also the Brittany DIY is hilarious – well done haha.

  5. That top is too cute!! If you visit Orlando, your dream of petting and holding a squirrel can most definitely come true. I haven’t even lived here for a year and already John has pet 2 different squirrels on 2 separate occasions and has also fed one out of his hand. There are lots of tame squirrels running around here!


  6. The blouse is so cute and fun!  Even though I grew up in the suburbs surrounded by squirrels, I’d never heard them “bark” until going to college.  True story: the first time I heard the noise coming from a tree above me, I circled it twice for a duck hidden in the branches somewhere.  

  7. Rachel, this is the cutest blouse I have seen in the longest time. It fits your perfectly and open up your face, I love it. Great steal!

  8. Such a cute top! I am loving the animal trends right now!  I just saw a sweater at J.Crew with a french bulldog on the front that I’m dying to get! 

  9. Adorable!!!  Love the entire outfit, and what a fun steal that shirt is at more than half off.  ASOS is the bomb.com!

  10. Such an adorable top-looks amazing on you!!!!! Your hair is beautiful-do you have any special recipes for taking care of it? I love squirrels too-they are super cute and funny! 

    1. Thanks Elena! For my hair, I trim it myself every month and use shampoo and conditioner made for split ends/breakage (Pantene Beautiful Lengths). I also only use heat (aka blow dry, straighten or curl) when absolutely necessary.

  11. The squirrel print is so cute!  One of my friends found a baby squirrel once that apparently wasn’t afraid of people yet and crawled all over her.  Maybe you’ll get lucky 😉

  12. Oh yes, I have to agree with Olivia about having crazy squirrels on campus. They were just not afraid of anyone and will pop out of garbage cans when you walk by. 

    But I still think they are cute! Especially the ones with the bushy tails. Love your blouse and your fall look 🙂 !

  13. I LOVE these shirts that have the animals printed on them, and I have a strange love for squirrels, too!  I really might buy this shirt haha! And your hair always looks perfect

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