Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

last minute costumes


Are you one of those people who waits until the last minute to do everything? If so, then you probably still don’t have your Halloween costume planned out yet. While I usually have mine planned out months in advance (#crazy), I have plenty of friends who are procrastinators, so I’m used to coming up with last-minute ideas and whipping up some DIY costumes. Here are a few quick and easy costumes you can make with things you probably already own (and a few new additions after a quick run to Target or Amazon Prime spree).


rosie the riveter costume

black flats  /  red bandana  /  black trousers  /  blue or chambray blouse  /  red lipstick

Rosie the Riveter Halloween Costume

What better way to go against the feminine stereotypes of Halloween than to dress up as one of America’s most iconic women- Rosie the Riveter? All it takes for this costume is a blue button-up shirt (steal one from your boyfriend if you must), a red bandanna and some serious attitude. You get extra points if you do her infamous pose all night long.

miss usa costumetiara  /  turquoise dress  /  chandelier earrings  /  tennis bracelet  /  silver heels  /  bright pink lipstick

Miss USA Halloween Costume

Another simple costume to whip up last minute is a beauty queen. Variations of this costume include a prom queen, Miss USA (to be specific) or whatever your heart desires. All that’s required is a glittery dress (this is the perfect opportunity to wear your old prom or homecoming dress again), a sparkling tiara, a sash, heels and some hot rollers.


nerd costumeblack hair bow clip  /  rimmed glasses  /  sweater vest  /  black loafers  /  beige turtleneck  / schoolgirl skirt

Nerd Halloween Costume

Although it’s been overdone by most standards, going as a nerd is always a fun option. If you’re confident enough in yourself to rock this look, you’ll need an argyle sweater, a pair of thick-rimmed black glasses, and suspenders. If you choose to rock the retainer you wear at night, I applaud you.


  1. Great roundup! I was Rosie the Riveter for Halloween two years ago and it was literally the easiest costume in the world to pull together.


  2. I’m typically “Little Miss Planner”, but for some reason I’ve really been slacking on the Halloween costume this year. Looks like I’ll be throwing something together these next couple days. One of these ideas might just be a winner. 😉

  3. All great ideas and easy to pull together last minute! I second Yi-chia’s question – what are you going as?? Can’t wait to see!


      1. Haha, that is adorable and yet another incredibly creative idea. I can’t wait to see pictures!

  4. Oh my gosh, these are awesome ideas! Any last minute baby ideas?! hahaha. We STILL haven’t figured out a costume for our little boy! 

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