Halloween 2012: The Tooth Fairy & a Tooth

tooth fairy costume

As anyone who reads my blog knows, I love Halloween. Every year I enjoy thinking of a costume, planning it out and making it myself. Over the past few weeks, I posted a bunch of Halloween-themed posts like how to make your own costumes (including a loofah, a tootsie roll and Squints), some last-minute costume ideas and much more. So now I’d like to share with you my costume from this year!

My boyfriend and I decided to go as The Tooth Fairy and a tooth. Although we both fought over who would be the fairy, I won. Just kidding- but wouldn’t a man in a tutu be funny? I  went the DIY route once again and made our costumes. I had to buy the tutu, wings and tiara myself, since those would be hard to make. Then for the top, I sewed on a tooth (with white cotton fabric) and did the same to my wand (a wooden dowel with a mini tooth on top). For the tooth, I made two tooth-shaped pillows from the fabric and poly-fill. I attached them with black straps so it fit well over his shoulders. Voila!

We spent Halloween visiting our friend’s new apartment in Queens and catching up with them. Then we headed over to a house party in Manhattan, followed by a trip to a bar a few blocks down. We had a great time and got tons of compliments on our costumes. This Hallo-weekend proved that you can still dress up and have fun at any age.

What did you go for as Halloween and what did you end up doing to celebrate? 

tooth and tooth fairy

James and I: Tooth Fairy and tooth


tooth costume My handsome tooth


halloween group costumes

The group: Thor, Jesse Pinkman from “Breaking Bad”, a tooth and The Tooth Fairy


thor costume

The Tooth Fairy and Thor


tooth fairy halloween

The Tooth Fairy taking the tooth & giving money in exchange for it. We’re lame.


breaking bad costume

Jesse Pinkman of “Breaking Bad” just cooking up some meth (cotton candy rock candy)


  1. Fun costumes! I wanted to make the costumes for my kids and I never got around to doing it. So I just bought some tiger costumes. Next year I will make them! 

  2. Haha oh my god these pictures are great! I especially love the one of you grabbing the tooth and giving money in exchange. Your costumes came out great and I think it’s awesome that you DIY them every year.


  3. That is so creative and cute! I love that you were able to work in a costume for your bf in the same theme!

    This weekend I dressed up as Holly Golightley from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and tonight I’m going to a party as Avril Lavigne.

  4. I had a wedding this year so we didn’t get to go to our annual Halloween party, but I’m living vicariously through you (and my pets lol)!  I love the tooth fairy and tooth idea!  It would have been hilarious to see a man in a tutu, but I think you make a much better tooth fairy 🙂  Happy Halloween!

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