Fall Playlist

fall playlist

A lot of the times, I associate songs with different seasons. Usually it’s summer that has the most memorable songs and moments, but I think it’s time I start appreciating the music of all the others as well. Here are a few songs I’ve been listening to lately or songs that just remind me of fall. Some are new, some are old, and some are even a little embarrassing. What are your favorite songs for fall? 


  1. Lana Del Rey- “Ride”- The first single of her upcoming album, “Ride” is an eerie-sounding ballad of sorts. It’s a great song to drive to at night or when you might feel frustrated with things.  “I hear the birds on the summer breeze, I drive fast/ I am alone in the night / Been trying hard not to get in trouble, but I’ve got a war in my mind / I just ride.”  Pretty fitting, right?
  2. All Time Low- “The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver”– This song applies to some catty people that I’ve encountered over the past few years and months. Lyrics like, “You’re the snake hidden in my daffodils when I’m picking flowers/ That’s just my luck these days/ Why can’t you just be happy for me?” make me realize that I’m not alone. Some people will just never be happy for you and your life, and you can’t let them get you down.
  3. The Lumineers “Ho Hey”- This song was one of my favorites this past summer and I still haven’t gotten sick of it. I feel like this is one of those songs that it’s impossible NOT to like, it’s just so meaningful and dare I say cute? I mean it does say, “I belong with you/ You belong with me / You’re my sweetheart”
  4. AWOLNATION- “Kill Your Heroes”- Although this song has been out for a while, I still can’t stop listening to it. The raspy tone of the verses mixed with a lighter chorus is the perfect mix of an indie radio-friendly song.
  5. Ke$ha- “Die Young”- It pains me to include a Ke$ha song on any type of playlist, since I generally don’t enjoy “artists” like herself. BUT I just can’t stop listening to this song- it gets stuck in your head so easily! It’s a fun song to play on the weekends when you’re going out with friends. And like most music, it sounds better after a few drinks.
  6. Walk the Moon “Anna Sun”- The first time I heard this on the radio, I fell in love. Something about the singer’s voice and the tempo just sticks out to me. I relate it to the fall since that’s when I first heard it on the drive home from work everyday.
  7. Young Statues- “Spacism”- I remember first hearing this song during a concert (they played the CD during the intermission between bands) and it was stuck in my head all night long. Since then, I totally forgot about it until it came up on my iTunes shuffle.
  8. One Direction- “Live While We’re Young”– I’ve described my admiration for guilty pleasure boy band One Direction before here, and it’s still going strong. This song just makes me happy and puts me in a good mood.
  9. Atlas Genius- “Trojans”– I just really like the melody to this song and it’s pleasant to listen to while driving
  10. Taylor Swift- “22”- Although I can’t stand Taylor Swift as a person (between dating half of Hollywood and her fake humbleness when she wins an award), I do enjoy some of her music. “22” is an ode to this weird time in our lives where we’re miserable but happy at the same time. Although I’m a little older than 22, I can still relate to it. Plus it’s a fun song to listen to
  11. Matchbox 20- “She’s So Mean”– Yes, another guilty pleasure radio song on my playlist. I think we all have known someone who dates this mean girl but he won’t let her go, so the lyrics are pretty spot-on and funny. Plus, I love when bands from the 90’s come out with new material- it makes me all nostalgic.


  1. I do the exact same thing with songs during the seasons…. even though it is fall, I have my precursor to Winter songs that I play during this season.  Right now I cannot get enough of “Winter Song” by Ingrid Michaelson and Sarah Bereillis. 

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