The Need for Tweed

Tweed is sometimes associated with your grandma, snooty businesswomen or maybe even a hunter. However, this fall and winter tweed is in style. This warm and textured fabric comes in a variety of forms, including dresses, skirts, blazers and even accessories. The key to wearing tweed is to make sure it is fitted (no lumpy, oversized jackets) and to keep the rest of your outfit modern and trendy. If you want a piece that doubles for work and drinks, try a basic tweed blazer in a neutral color. If you’re feeling a little more fun, opt for some of the brights or patterned skirts. If tweed clothing isn’t your thing, opt for a fun tweed handbag for the cooler seasons.

 tweed clothing


Jackets:  Macy’s tweed jackets  |  Nordstrom tweed jackets  |  Ann Taylor tweed jackets

Handbags:  Nordstrom tweed handbags

Skirts:  J Crew tweed skirts  |  Nordstrom tweed skirts


  1. I really like tweed, I think it makes most pieces timeless and very versatile! Also I find it sometimes difficult to style a “classic” tweed piece in a modern/young way, I love the new colored tweed things!

  2. I’m obsessed with that skirt!  I keep trying to put together outfits with it in polyvore and then remembering I’ve already used it!  I would use it in every post if I could!  And I LOVE that pink blazer!

  3. THANK YOU so much for sharing this! I was literally just thinking… I NEED A TWEED SKIRT! I love my tweed blazers and so I need to share the love with the rest of my wardrobe 🙂 And how cute are those handbags?!

    Happy Friday! 🙂 And what a sweet thing of your mom to say! 🙂 It’s all in the name, right?! 😉

  4. Great picks! I absolutely love tweed and have a couple of blazers, but I do have a hard time making them look modern!

  5. thank you so so so much for your sweet comment you are too nice. i love love love this post because i am so in love with that orange pencil skirt!!

  6. Tweed can be super cute if it’s pulled off in the right way.  A lot of times it can be too bulky (especially if it’s a coat) but you just have to get the right item that works for your frame.  Those skirts are super cute though!  I like the skater skirt best 🙂

  7. I love a good tweed jacket!  And I still plan to sign up for the secret santa (am I too late)- I’ve been swamped and keep forgetting! I will this week!

  8. That J.Crew pencil skirt is GORGEOUS! I am in love with tweed right now and am really hoping to find a nice cream or grey tweed jacket sometime soon. But I might just have to add a tweed skirt into the mix too 🙂 Great post Rachel.


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