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When people ask me to describe my blog, I usually call it a “lifestyle” blog. Or sometimes a “life and style blog”. This is mainly because I post about a variety of topics, which all somehow revolve around my life. Yes, I post outfit posts of what I wore because I like fashion. I post reviews of beauty products because I like makeup. I post articles about life after college and my relationships because I like to reflect on it and hope others can relate. I post DIY Halloween costumes to help others and share my ideas. I even post opinion pieces and blab on about things I love and hate because well… I have a lot of opinions.

I personally like blogs that focus on a wide range of topics. Don’t get me wrong- I follow plenty of blogs that are only based on fashion and I enjoy reading them. But there’s not much “reading” going on, it’s mostly looking at photos.

With that being said, I’m looking for some new lifestyle/personal blogs to follow. I don’t want to read ones where people post what they ate in the morning or refer to their husband as “my Mr.” or something annoying. I’m looking for blogs that feature posts that I can actually read and respond to with more than a sentence. I like reading about people’s lives, relationships and opinions- as well as sharing my own.

So readers, help me out! Post your favorite “lifestyle” blogs in the comments below and tell me why you like them.


  1. Here are some of my favorites:

    Simply Evani – http://simplyevani.com
    For Lauren and Lauren – http://forlaurenandlauren.blogspot.com/
    All Things Alisa – http://allthingsalisamarie.blogspot.com/
    The Pink Growl – http://thepinkgrowl.blogspot.com/
    The Daily Tay – http://www.thedailytay.com/
    Yours Truly – http://www.yourstrulyblog.com/

    That’s just a few.  There are many more but I don’t want to jam up your comments!  If you want more, email me!

  2. I love lifestyle blogs!  I post about Life, Style and Stuff so I can be a mixed bag as well.  I’m sure you are aware of some of the ubber popular lifestyle blogs like The Daybook.  

  3. Your post made me realize that those are the types of blogs I love best too! I went to my Google reader looking for suggestions, but realized I don’t have any that haven’t already been suggested. If I think of any, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, I’ll be stalking your comments for blog suggestions lol.

  4. You are such a sweetie!! I love reading your blog, too, Rachel. Here are some more…
    Pushups with Polish (pushupswithpolish.com), The Rockstar Diaries (taza-and-husband.blogspot.com) champagne bubbles (www.camillaleila.com), Champagne Dreams, Boxed Wine Budget (champagneandboxedwine.com)

  5. What a great post! 

    A couple I love are :

    definingtabitha.com (she is the sweetest and just had a baby)
    sketch42.com (best introduction to art/new things/home)
    theverygirl.com (i love the introduction and support of woman)

  6. I literally chuckled to myself at the “my Mr.” comment.  I feel the same way.  For awhile, I started calling my husband “my hubby” on my blog until I realized that I don’t even call him that in real life.  I also hate “wifey” for some reason.  I’m curious to check out the suggestions in your comments because I love lifestyle blogs 🙂

  7. You seriously made me chuckle at the “my Mr.” comment – love the sass, haha. I’m still trying to discover new blogs too – it’s sometimes hard to make time though 🙁 I’ll have to check out what people are sharing and check some of them out!

  8. Have you checked out Annie at http://othersideofgray.blogspot.com/?  Or Jessica from http://www.myhereandnowlife.com/? They are more fashion bloggers but Annie has a HILARIOUS sense of humor and Jessica has cute stories (and a cute dog!). And Amanda at It’s an Easy Life (http://easy-life-blog.com/) is one of my favorites on Thursdays for Awkward and Awesome.  

    Then there’s always my random blog, but I know you already follow that

  9. Oh no, I def. do the Mr. thing! Sorry, only because he is weird about provacy! haha Try Rockstar Diares, Naomi has two adorable little ones!

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