Winter Coats for Your Body Type

coats for your body type

Now that the temperatures are starting to drop, it’s time to trade in your fall blazer for a new winter coat. Finding the perfect coat is almost as difficult as searching for a pair of jeans that fit- you need to find something that fits to your specific body shape, weight and height. Whether you’re petite or plus-sized, your perfect winter jacket is our there. Here is some visual inspiration, and my own tips and tricks, for finding the perfect coat.

slim coats

If you’re slim (like Taylor Swift), opt for structured, tailored coats with details like belts to emphasize your waist and give the illusion of curves. Patterns like houndstooth and plaid also work well on your body frame. In terms of length, play up your shape by opting for a longer coat that hits just above the knee.

Olive coat Houndstooth coat  |  Belted coat


coats for curvy

If you’re curvy (like Kim Kardashian), trench-style coats look great on you. Choose one that’s fitted in the waist to show off your curves, but make sure it’s not too skin tight. Almost any color looks good on you- so have fun with it and choose a bold blue or bright pink.

Brown belted trench  |  Pink coat  |  Blue coat 


 coats for petites

If you’re petite (like Kelly Ripa), make sure the coat hits above the knee so it doesn’t drown your small frame. Cropped and shorter versions look best on you. You can pull off the puffer jacket, too- which isn’t an easy feat! A double-breasted jacket can bulk up a smaller frame as well, drawing attention to the right places.

Double breasted jacket  |  Red puffer jacket  |  Leopard coat


plus sized coats

If you’re plus-sized (like Adele), a long, thin coat will visually make you appear slimmer. Avoid short and puffy coats, since they will highlight the areas you want to hide. Choose a rich color and avoid patterns. The A-line silhouette is also super flattering on you!

Orange jacket  |  Yellow A-line jacket  |  Red A-line jacket


coats for athletic body

If you have an athletic figure (like Carrie Underwood), opt for fun details to draw attention to your frame and add a feminine touch. Examples of details to look for are pockets at the hips, fun buttons, a peplum shape, and ruffles.

Peplum jacket Ruffled bottom jacket  |  Brown-gray jacket



coats for large chests

If you have a large chest (like Scarlet Johansson), choose a coat that is hip-length or longer to downplay your top. Opt for fitted styles as well and avoid anything double-breasted since it will add width. Wrap coats look great on you and are very popular this year.

Tweed coat  |  Gray coat  |  Purple coat


coats for pear shapes

If you’re pear shaped (like Jennifer Lopez), choose a coat that is double breasted. It will add some filling on top to match your shapely bottom. Robe-like styles with open fronts also keep you warm while looking chic.

Robe coat  |  Red fur hood coat  |  Double-breasted coat


  1. Great post! I always end up wearing roomy, swing jackets even thought I’m not plus-sized! They’re comfy and add a vintage twist. I’m in the market for a new jacket though so maybe I’ll invest in something different soon!

  2. This is a GREAT post! Shopping to flatter is always a challenge for me, but you make it as easy as ABC!  And great choices for everyone.  Wish I already had that Anthropology one in my closet, since I’ll be spending my next two weeks in bitter temps!

  3. It’s so crazy because I honestly don’t know what body type I have.  A little bit of everything, I say.

    My favorites are the ones under “athletic”.  Love those ruffles!

  4. Love this post!! SO helpful! My friend was just asking me my thoughts on what coat style would be best on her, and I’ll be forwarding her your post right now!! Great picks.

  5. Love this list – very helpful for my online shopping when I want to impulsively buy a coat without trying it on {color me guilty, oops!}. I always need a belt, otherwise I look like I’m drowning – so I’ll have to check some of these out

  6. Great post!!! I am a sucker for a great winter coat. And all of these are adorable!!!! Great coats for everyone of all shapes and sizes!

  7. I have a bit of curve which is A-ok with me because I LOVE the curvy coats, I saw them and I thought “If these are right for my body type I should own them all!! “

  8. Wow, you did a great job covering all the bases! I always hated shopping for a winter coat for this exact reason. It was just always so hard for me to find something that looked good on me. Last year I picked up a trench coat from H&M with a cinched waist and it is perfect for my curvier figure. This is a great post!


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