My Favorite Thanksgiving Food- Green Bean Casserole

One of the hardest questions in life to answer is “What’s your favorite food?”. Even harder to answer is “What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?”. Between the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and the array of desserts, it’s hard to pick just ONE. Since things like mashed potatoes are eaten throughout the year and not just on the holiday, my answer would be something I usually only eat during the holiday season- green bean casserole.

green bean casserole

Yes, it sound- and even looks- a little gross to some people. But I promise you it’s delicious. I do enjoy vegetables, and green beans are probably my favorite. Fun fact: when I was little, my babysitter told my parents I ate an entire can of green beans by myself in one sitting. This recipe also includes cream of mushroom soup and crispy fried onions. No, I don’t enjoy creamy soups or this soup on its own, but mixed in the casserole you really can’t tell. The onions on top are crispy and add just the right amount of kick to the dish. The best part is how simple and easy the recipe is (click here for the recipe my family uses). You can even add other ingredients for fun variations.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food or recipe? 


  1. My mouth is watering over this picture! I was just saying yesterday to one of my friends how green bean casserole is my absolute favorite! 

  2. I LOVE French’s onions (made chicken covered in it last night!) but I’m not a fan of the green beans. My fav Thanksgiving food is potato anything 🙂

  3. Is this weird – I actually just tried a green bean casserole last year for the first time in my life!  I loved it!!!

  4. I don’t like green bean casserole, but it’s definitely a holiday staple. My mom’s making it on Thursday! My favorite Thanksgiving food is definitely turkey! No one else seems to care for it, but I just can’t get enough of it! Oh and the canned cranberry sauce is amazing as well!

  5. Agreed. Green bean casserole is amazing and apparently easy to make. My other favorite? Mashed potatoes  I’m a total carb girl.

  6. I’m back in Madrid! I would love to spend thank’s giving in USA and try all these amazing recipes!


  7. No, you’re completely right! The GBC is a staple in my home for Thanksgiving and it is quite delicious 🙂
    My favorite, however, has to be cheesy potatoes! I don’t know that all families do cheesy potatoes, but they definitely should! Thanks for getting me in the season!

  8. You’re so right! A bunch of not so delish things come together to make an amazing dish. It’s on my Thanksgiving menu!

  9. Mmmmmm this is the dish I was actually asked to make this year for my mother in law.  Its a MUST HAVE. I used to make it for years back when I was in HS and college for my family.  I can’t wait to taste it again after all these years.  Im sure it will bring back many delicious memories.

  10. Oh yum! I don’t love most Thanksgiving foods but I do love the holiday! I’m not really into stuffing or cranberry sauce, etc. I am partial towards mashed potatoes! 

  11. Green bean casserole is also my favorite! Even though only my husband and I will be eating the meal this year, I still made a full size side. Gotta love leftovers! 🙂

  12. I love Green Bean casserole too :), definitely one of my favorite Holiday foods. I also love the turkey. Yumm, getting hungry already! Happy (early) Thanksgiving!!

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