Christmas Gifts for Your Best Friend

Your best friend has been there for you through everything. She sat with you at the lunch table in 2nd grade, she fed you ice cream when your first boyfriend dumped you, and she planned the best surprise wedding shower ever. She deserves the best- even if you’re on a budget. With some of my best friends in mind, here are some suggestions for Christmas gifts to buy your best friend. If your best friend happens to be a male, check out my “Gifts for Him” post next week to see some better options for the lucky man!


gifts for best friend

(1) Feminist Ryan Gosling book    (2) “Girls With Class” flask  (3) Tree jewelry stand  (4) MAC neutral eye palette  (5) Modcloth nesting dolls earbuds  (6) Kate Spade “tequila is not my friend” Gia wallet  (7) Kate Spade sweeten the deal bangle  (8) BaubleBar violet chain drops (9) Juicy Couture fragrance trio


  1. Rachel, the jewelry tree is pretty sweet and I think every girl can need one. I dont have one yet and my jewelry is all over the place, so maybe I should invest in some of these for me and my gf#s. Thanks for the idea 🙂

  2. ALL of these are such a good idea! I LOVE the Kate Spade wallet, Ryan Gosling book and those gorgeous earrings! I actually ordered earrings from BaubleBar on Monday for my bestie but for her birthday which is just four days before Christmas!

  3. I would be happy to get any of these.. but especially the Kate Spade “tequila is not my friend” wallet. That is my life. And I don’t hate it. Great list, mamma!


  4. Well you could obviously be my best friend. I love everything on here! The Ryan Gosling (swooooon) book and Kate Spade “Tequila is not my friend” are definitely the BEST finds on this list! 

  5. Love everything! Can you be my best friend? You’d do a great job picking out gifts for me. lol. And I promise to get you good things too 🙂

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