Oreo-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

oreo chocolate chip cookies


Unless you’re allergic to chocolate or have no soul, cookies are probably one of your favorite foods. Sometimes deciding which type to make can be the day’s biggest challenge. I wanted to make a special treat for my boyfriend’s birthday last weekend. He was having lots of his friends go out and spend the night, so I wanted something that he would enjoy, as well as our friends. Instead of making just plain old sugar cookies or brownies, I decided to take two of everyone’s favorite cookies and put them together- the classic chocolate-chip and Oreos. I found this recipe and gave it a go.


oreo cookie recipe

Basically, you just make chocolate chip cookie dough and form it into two small balls per cookie. Then you place one on the top and bottom of the Oreo.

cookie dough

Cover the sides as well until you have a large ball of dough.

cookies baking

Then bake away as you would for regular cookies. They will not look like regular cookies when you’re baking, they should turn out more like saucers or “monster cookies”. This is obviously because of the Oreo and all the dough you had to use to cover it.

oreo chocolate chip cookies

Here you can see what the inside looks like. I suggest eating them warm- the chocolate chips will be melty and the Oreo will be soft and warm.


  1. YUM!!! These look amazing!! These really are a combination of the most delicious cookies in the world.  I cant wait to try!

  2. Yes please – that looks delicious! I saw the recipe on Pinterest and was very tempted, but I haven’t taken the plunge yet. I might have to try this weekend though after seeing yours!


    1. haha mine came out a little like that, too! I think it’s almost impossible because the Oreo is so big. As long as they taste good- that’s what matters!

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