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floral blouse

Floral blouse  /  Skinny black ponte pants  /  Black boots

While browsing through my closet, I realized that I had a lot of items of Target. This didn’t really shock me, since I have a problem with going into their store and coming out with three bags full of items. What I did notice was that most of my items from Target can be grouped into three types of clothing: bathing suits, sundresses and blouses. I won’t even go into my obsession with Target bathing suits or sundresses (I’ll save it for the summer months), but the blouses is more appropriate for this weather. They make the best sheer, patterned blouses out there at around $20 a piece. My favorites include a pretty pastel butterfly tunic and this floral one I picked up last month. The colors go so well together and can be worn with dark jeans, khakis, black pants, or whatever you please! I also love the flowy shape of it and how it isn’t skin-tight, but also doesn’t overwhelm my frame. I paired it with black skinnies and a collar necklace to complete the look.

What’s your favorite item from Target?

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target blouses


  1. I like the top, and I love target! I recently got a camel color feaux leather blazer there for super cheap. I just don’t know what to put with it yet!

  2. You look so pretty! I just love Target. I have pretty much something from every single department and I love each one. From jeans and dresses, to bathing suits and pjs, to accessories and socks, to pillows and kitchen decor, to trash cans and towels. EVERYTHING. If I had to live off of one store for the rest of my life… it’d probably be Target! 🙂

  3. I go into Target for like toothpaste and come out after spending like 200.00 bucks. Its like being in a time warp, I neve know what hit me!

  4. Love this top Rachel! So pretty 🙂 And I have a ton of Target sundresses as well. I had to stop myself this summer, it was bad.  When I went to college, Target was one of the only places to buy cute clothes, so if you wanted something new for a party, night out, etc. that’s where we always went!

  5. So cute! I have that same problem with Target — I walk in there thinking I will get one thing and I leave with 15! It’s so hard to say no. But, I do have to say, everything I have bought from there has held up really well.

  6. Some of my favorite things in my closet are from Target! I bought two pairs of cords this fall and I’ve already worn them to death! You look so pretty!

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