DIY Christmas: Mani/Pedi Kit

I love making (and getting) handmade gifts for the holidays. Sometimes when I’m feeling crafty, I can make some pretty cool gifts. Handmade presents usually can save you some cash and they are a fun way to show how thoughtful and creative you are. Back in high school, a friend made us all “movie buckets” for Christmas. It was a bright plastic bowl filled with popcorn, a DVD and some sort of snack. It was the perfect kit for a movie night! It was such a cute and thoughtful gift, it inspired me to come up with this DIY mani/pedi kit.

First, pick up a medium-sized makeup bag, like this fun Kate Spade polka dot one. Then fill it with her favorite nail polishes, a nail file, some fun nail strips and cuticle cream. It’s everything she needs to do her own manis and pedis- she’ll thank you for all the money she’ll save on trips to the nail salon!


DIY manicure kit

Center:  Kate Spade makeup bag

Items clockwise from blue polish:  Essie polish in “Butler Please”  /  Revlon Colorstay polish in “Bonsai”  /  Sally Hansen polish remover  /  Sally Hansen cuticle trimmer  /  Sally Hansen nail & cuticle cream  /  NARS polish in “Seashell Pink”  /  Ciate polish in “Oil Slick”  /  Nail file  /  Sally Hansen nail clippers  /  Sephora nail patch art in “Wild & Free”


  1. I love the Kate Spade bag, and the NARS and ciate polishes are so pretty!  I’m getting a mani today actually – I think I’m going to do a deep red with a gold like that ciate one as an accent!

  2. I love the idea of homemade kits for gifts! Last year I gave my sister a box filled with hair stuff: a curling iron, shampoo + conditioner, styling products, hair ties, a hair brush, etc. It was a hit! She still talks about it to this day!

  3. Love the makeup bag (how could anyone not love something made by Kate Spade) and the NARS nail polish.  I am a firm believer in NARS!

  4. I pulled my sisters name for Christmas and got her some earrings, but have been trying to think of something else to get her.  You saved this day with this mani/pedi set!!

  5. This is SUCH a creative idea! That makeup bag is adorable. I’m a big fan of that Revlon ColorStay polish, it lasts a solid 7 days! The only thing I would add would be a good base/top coat. You are such a thoughtful friend!

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