December Weekends

The past few weekends have been super busy for me. I haven’t had time to stay home and relax in quite some time. That’s not to say that my weekends in December haven’t been exciting, because they have. Between seeing old friends on Thanksgiving Eve, shopping for gifts, celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday and paying a visit to NYC for the holidays, my weekends have been jam-packed. Here is a little photo recap of my past few weekends.


For the past few years (basically ever year I’ve been old enough to drink) my friends and I go out to the local bars on Thanksgiving Eve. Since many of my friends are in grad school, still finishing up college, or working in the real world far away from home, I rarely get to see them. It’s nice to get together with friends from high school and catch up. It’s amazing how we can go months without seeing each other, and then as soon as we’re back together we’re up to the same old shenanigans: making fun of people we went to high school with, catching up on gossip, and hearing about everyone’s love life. I love and miss these girls.

I got into the holiday spirit with my red pants (which is also James’ favorite color!) for my boyfriend’s 24th birthday a few weekends ago. The weekend consisted of a nice Italian dinner, a house party of his closest 20+ friends, and a fun night out to the bars. Oh, and I made my yummy oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies for everyone. Yes, they taste even better the morning after.

nyc balls

Rockefeller christmas tree

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of taking a trip to New York City to partake in the typical holiday activities. Although I’m from New York, I live in the northern part- aka not close to the city at all. However, my boyfriend lives about 40 minutes from the city, so it’s an easy trip via car/bus/train. We visited the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree (where we witnessed a proposal), ate some yummy food at Dallas BBQ and took a stroll through Bryant Park where we met up with college friends. I even got to see my brother (in the last photo) who recently moved to the city and started a job as a personal trainer. So if you’re in the area and want to start working out, let me know 😉

What have your weekends in December consisted of? 


  1. So many fun pictures!  Ha ha, your friends look like a fun bunch…such a great tradition you have with them.  I just LOVE NYC, especially at Christmas.  It feels so magical.

  2. First of all, you are SOOO pretty!!!!  Just flawless.  Second, it looks like you’ve been having a lot of fun! I love meeting up with old girlfriends, always a great time!

  3. Looks like you’ve been having a pretty great December so far! My weekends have consisted of lots of shopping, christmas parties, watching football, eating, playing with my niece, and wrapping presents! 🙂

  4. aw your pictures remind me of my holiday weekends! good food, good friends & good fun! i LOVE NYC during the holidays- it’s the prettiest time of year! 

    i get to go to my hometown on saturday and i’m SO excited to catch up with all my friends & show my bf my hometown.

  5. Looks like you’ve been having fun! I love the holiday season – there is so much going on! Thanksgiving eve is always one of my favorite nights to see old friends! 🙂

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