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Grumpy Cat. In case you have been absent from the internet for the past month, Grumpy Cat is an international superstar. This cat, whose real name is Tarter Sauce, has a permanent grumpy look on his face. It’s hard to resist his grumpy charm and the memes just make it even funnier.

Phil Phillips’ new CD– Even though I don’t want American Idol anymore, I tuned in a few times to watch this guy, who ended up winning last year. Not only is he talented, he is also humble, seems like a sweetheart and is easy on the eyes. Check out his debut CD, The World From the Side of the Moon.


“Happy Endings”– I like to refer to this show as the modern day “Friends”. It’s about a group of friends who met in college and live together today. You definitely have to have a certain sense of humor to enjoy it, but I think most 20-something females would like it.

Tumblr. Yes, I’ve gotten back into the addicting blogging platform. I use Tumblr mainly just to reblog images I find inspirational, photos of food , cat memes, and pictures of Lana Del Rey. There’s no crazy substance to my Tumblr, just things I find pretty and interesting. You can follow me here if you have one.

 catbird heart ring

My Catbird heart ring. I bought this ring for myself as an early Christmas present after wanting it for a long, long time. it’s so dainty and delicate and I just love it. I’m thankful to have finally found a store that sells quality items in my ring size (which is really small!)


  1. I have been thinking of starting a Tumblr lately!  I just had a conversation with another blogger about it actually.  How do you like it?  Is it worth it?

    And I freaking LOVE grumpy cat.  I’m obsessed.  It’s hilarious that his real name is Tartar Sauce too!  I follow him on Twitter and last night was one of my favorites (because I also have a deep love for T-Rexs – don’t ask): Why can’t a T-Rex clap? Because it’s dead.

    1. I do like it. I don’t post my own blog stuff on there (although I should!), I basically just reblog photos I find inspirational (fashion, makeup, cute cats, etc.)

      HAHAHAH you’re killing me with the T rex stuff

  2. I just started watching Happy Endings – it’s hilarious.  I actually think it’s way better than Friends. Also, Grumpy Cat is adorable.

  3. I love the ring! It’s so delicate and pretty. Oh the grumpy cat is hilarious. I’ve heard great things about Happy Endings, but I have yet to watch it. I will have to check it out!

  4. I’m OBSESSED with Catbird. I visit their store all the time when I’m in Brooklyn. If only I could afford every single thing in there, I’d be one happy lady.

    1. I know, ugh! I could barely afford this ring but I still bought it since I stared at it for months. Hopefully my next purchase there will be their alphabet stacking rings or the heart earrings to match my ring!

  5. AH! You just gave me the perfect last minute gift idea for my mom – she loved Phillip Phillips on Idol last year, I had no idea his album just came out! Thank you 🙂 & umm I love grumpy cat.  & that ring. love love love!

  6. I LOVE the dainty ring you bought! So pretty! Great Xmas gift for yourself 🙂 I bought myself emerald earrings as an early Xmas gift and I’ve been wanting a pair forever! Sometimes you just need to treat yourself! 

    Grumpy cat… had no idea this existed… OBSESSED! So cute!

  7. Yes yes yes! First of all, I’m obsessed with Grumpy Cat. Probably the best cat on the internet (and there are a lot of them!) And I LOVE Happy Endings. It is absolutely my favorite show. Nothing makes me laugh harder than Penny and Max’s antics and Brad and Jane’s weird vocabulary. Lastly, the ring is so pretty! What a great little gift to get yourself! xo

    1. I remember tweeting you about Happy Endings- so glad someone else watches it! Grumpy Cat is my favorite internet cat of the moment, but he has a loootttt of competition!

  8. Oooh, I need to watch happy Endings. Sounds like it is right up my alley!

    I ADORE Phillip Phillips. I think he is so talented – I was so pleased that he won as he definitely bucked the Idol trend. 

    Thanks for your lovely words on my blog x

  9. I love Happy Endings! I think it’s hilarious(ly ridiculous!) but my dad hates it – I think you’re right about having to have a certain (wacky!) sense of humor. Penny is my fave. She’s amahhhhzing. 😉

  10. Ahhh just saw this post– I LOVE GRUMPY CAT!!! We talk about him each day at work during break! Check out his Pinterest & Twitter accounts. Love it

  11. I LOVE that ring.  It is so cute on your small finger, I feel like I may need one immediately I have small fingers too!

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